Www.zagg.com/register – Zagg Register – Online Registration

Www.zagg.com/register – Zagg Register – Online Registration

Register your Zagg product now with the www.zagg.com/register resource. Zagg makes great products for all of your favorite devices, so why not complete your registration online.  The process is easy. You begin by selecting your product.  For example, you might choose from the  iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy nexus, iPad 3, or from a number of other available options to begin the process.  This is referred to as option A.  The other way to proceed is by selecting a type of gadget or a category of product.  You can then use drop down menus to select the brand and find the model.  It is quite an intuitive process and only takes a little while to begin the Zagg register process.  If you don’t like the first option or the second one provided, they do give you a third possibility.  Simply stated, they have a feature that pulls up possible matches to the one you are typing into a box.  N0 matter what approach you utilize to start your product registration, you will find it user friendly. The next step in the Zagg online registration process is to input the date you purchased the item in question. Sometimes I can’t remember when I purchased an item. But, if you find the receipt for it, you can usually locate the date there.

In addition to providing the purchase date, the Zagg Register process will also ask you for location where you purchased the item. A simple drop down menu will help you find the store on the www.zagg.com/register site.  Finally, you will need to indicate the quantity purchased.  With that completed, you will be asked to provide your email address.  You even have the option of registering more Zagg products too if that was necessary.  In what appeared to be only seconds later, I received an email telling me how to proceed from there. By following the directions stated in their email, I was done.  I even was given a toll free number to call Zagg if I had questions. Or, if preferred, a means by which to get in touch with Zagg support online.  This truly communicates to me that Zagg customer service is dedicated.

If you have recently purchased one of their items, I would encourage you to utilize the Zagg.com register page.  Product registration is easy and, while there, you can also explore their great products that you might not already have.  There are three products in general that I love and would highly recommend.  Their invisible shield could potentially extend the life of your phone. If you are like me, mine gets so scratched up that it is unresponsive to my attempted inputs.  However, I feel that had I protected it with a shield or case, I could have prolonged it’s life.  Instead, I had to buy a new phone.  I won’t make that mistake twice.  Another great product you should look in to are the Zagg smart buds.  I think their sound quality is amazing.

Many people often forget to do product registrations.  I encourage people to do that immediately when they get home.  After all, I firmly believe that if you don’t do that the day you bring the item home, you are more likely to forget to do it.  As one can see on the zagg.com/register page, the tools are easy to use for product registration purposes. I always register my purchases whenever possible and would encourage you to do the same.  As a reward for finishing this activity, you can shop for more items on Zagg.  If you haven’t seen the latest Zagg sparq, you should definitely examine it.  This is the answer to those times when you run out of power on the run.  It functions as a charger and a battery back up.  Everyone who does a lot of traveling should have one of these Zagg accessories in their cases.  They als0 make great gifts for people who might not be familiar with the Zagg sparq.  They are very reasonably priced and a friend or family member would love receiving one.  Of course, you should also tell them how proceed with the Zagg register process if you do give them one. Technology it appears is not complete unless you get some Zagg accessories to compliment it. 

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