Www.WagCares.com – Enter To Win $3,000 Wag Cares Sweepstakes

Www.WagCares.com – Enter To Win $3,000 Wag Cares Sweepstakes

You can enter to win the latest Wag Cares promotion and possibly take home $3,000 when you enter on the www.wagcares.com sweepstakes site. It’s easy to enter this way and, most importantly, you will be given the opportunity to provide pertinent feedback. Now, if you wish to enter via this method, what you will want to do is locate your Walgreens receipt that has the invite to visit the wagcares sweepstakes page.  Then, when you arrive, you will be asked if you want the information to be in English or in Spanish.  After making your selection, you will be prompted to enter your survey number.  I found my survey number on my Walgreens receipt just below the wagcares address. For example, my survey number was 11 digits long and I entered it in to the appropriate boxes.  Then you will be asked for a password.  At first I thought I was out of luck because I didn’t know a password, but then I realized that the password was also written on the Wag receipt.  This was an eleven digit number too and you might find yours under the survey number as well. With this in hand, I entered it where requested and continued to take the survey for my chance to win the  Walgreens monthly sweepstakes for three thousand dollars. 

Giving customer feedback is important to running a successful operation and that’s why companies like Walgreens value your opinion.  In addition to providing feedback via the www.wagcares.com page, you can be potentially entered in to the Walgreens sweepstakes for your chance to win $3,000.  If you don’t wish to provide feedback online, a toll free number is provided for you to use as well. However, there is one important thing to remember, you need to take this survey with your number and password within 72 hours of getting your invite. At first I attempted to use an old survey number and password.  Because it was past seventy two hours, I was denied access.  Lucky for me, I shop at walgreens and had received another invite that was still valid.  With entrance granted, I was asked about my Walgreens shopping experience.  To me, a company that wants to monitor customer feedback is really showing they care.  It was also actually fun giving my insights.  

The best part was knowing that I could potentially win a grand prize if I entered the wag cares sweepstakes. If you choose to examine the rules, they are made available to you on the official site. You should know that according to these official rules, you do not need to purchase anything from Walgreens to win.  Furthermore, it is clearly stipulated that you must be 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States to be eligible. Other requirements state that an employee of the Walgreens family cannot win.  Other pertinent terms and conditions are also spelled out there as well.  Another important piece of information that is made available via the entry page is access to a list of sweepstakes winners.  I like the fact that they make this known.  Perhaps, I will see my name written there as one of the lucky winners. 

If you have never shopped at a Walgreens store or pharmacy, you should try them out.  I believe they offer superb customer service and great product choices.  In addition, you may even get an invite to enter the sweepstakes on the wagcares.com site. That would definitely have made going to Walgreens a worthwhile trip in my opinion.  In addition to clean aisles and a myriad of products, their pharmacists give me special attention which I like.  They are always well informed and help me understand how to take what was prescribed.  Unlike big box stores, I feel I can always get in and out of Walgreens quickly.

I especially love the drive thru pharmacy they have at my local Walgreens.  When you have a sick child, nothing is greater than going straight from the doctor to their drive through.  You can have it filled and pick it up without taking your ill child out of the car.  I truly love that feature and that is just one of the reasons I appreciate their stores.  Even if you don’t win, you can still visit the walgreens.com page to check out weekly deals and cost savings. At the end of the day, I appreciate the fact that I was given an opportunity to give my input.  Take a few minutes and do the same.  You might be the lucky grand prize winner this month. 

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