Www.vsfeedback.com – $10 Off Next Victoria’s Secret Purchase

Www.vsfeedback.com – $10 Off Next Victoria’s Secret Purchase

You love shopping at Victoria’s Secrets and now you can potentially save with the www.vsfeedback.com offer.  That’s right you can get $10 off of your next purchase at Victorias Secret when you spend $50. Of course, you have to comply with all conditions and terms associated with this special offer.  As a result, you must first visit the Victoria’s Secret online address on your receipt.  You need to make sure that you do this in the first fourteen days of your purchase, as there is an expiration date.  Hence, I would encourage you to complete the feedback as soon as you get home from their shop.  If you don’t, then you might be like me and forget.  Nothing is more frustrating then potentially getting an opportunity to save money on your next purchase, but then blowing it because you don’t adhere to the timeframe for the offer.  You will also need the receipt to provide feedback, as the receipt has a special invitation code listed on it.  My code was sixteen numbers.  I found it on the bottom portion of the receipt.  Mine was located in what looked like a big box that was constructed from little stars. Look for yours and then enter it in the box provided on the Victoria Secret customer experience survey page. 

Another critical piece of information that you will need to input is the time of your visit.  At first when I read this on the www.vsfeedback.com page, I was worried I might not remember the actual date.  However, they said I could find the time on the top portion of my receipt and sure enough it was located there.  So don’t throw your receipt away after you input your invitation number. You may need it for this other requirement. After entering the time of your visit into the Victorias Secret page, you are one step closer to getting that $10 off coupon code. Then, you will be asked questions about your experience in the shop. If you are like me, you probably had a great experience there. I always enjoy the superb customer service I receive from the knowledgable store associates. 

The one thing I like best about Victoria’s Secret is that they always have my difficult to find size.  Women like me come in a variety of shapes and sizes, thus being able to find undergarments you like, want to wear, and fit can be difficult.  I certainly didn’t expect to find them all in one store.  However, that is always my experience when I go to Victoria’s Secret.  I not only enjoy shopping there, I always can’t wait to go back.  By taking the survey and complying with the rules,  it appears I will now get $10 off a purchase of $50 there. If you are like me, you feel good getting a great deal when you shop.  If you want to sign up for store events and offers, they have a www.victoriasecret.com/customerservice site for that too.  Whether online or in the store itself, I know Victoria’s Secret is a leader in quality and professionalism.

 One of the features that I enjoyed when taking the Victoria’s Secret feedback survey, was the progress bar.  It let me know where I was in the entire survey process.  The survey progressed quite rapidly and it was actually fun.  If you are wanting to take it, you should start the survey for your chance to get $10 off on a purchase of fifty dollars at the vsfeedback.com site. One of things they may want to know is about your fitting session.  That is one reason why I am so loyal to Victoria Secret.  They helped fit me.  I had been wearing the wrong size for years and, quite honestly, it hurt.  I just thought it was the way it was meant to be.  That was not the case.  With the professionalism and expertise of the associate, I got a great fitting and have been happy ever since.  I know longer wear the wrong size and I personally feel great in my clothes. At the end of the process, you can receive a validation code to get your $10 off of your next $50 purchase there. Write it on your receipt and take it with you the next time you go shopping at Victoria’s Secret.  With my Victoria’s Secret coupon code in hand and written down on my receipt, I know I will be going back tomorrow to get something cute. 

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