Www.Visa.com/MakeItEpic – Visa Make It Epic – The Sweepstakes

Www.Visa.com/MakeItEpic – Visa Make It Epic – The Sweepstakes

You could win an incredible Visa NFL fan offer by entering the sweepstakes via the official site www.visa.com/makeitepic. If you want an epic NFL fan experience, you should enter to win this sweepstakes contest. It is easy to enter and I would imagine it would be very exciting to win it. The process is easy.  Simply stated, you begin by selecting your favorite team.  This was a difficult challenge for me because I have different NFL teams that are my favorite.  I had to choose between them all but after looking hard and long at the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos, and the Chicago Bears, I eventually chose the New England Patriots.  Then, after selecting my favorite team for the NFL fan offers sweepstakes brought to us by Visa, I was taken to an enrollment page.  There I was asked to provide my name and mobile phone contact information. In addition, a place to provide an email address and a place to create a password was present. One of the most important steps it appears is enrolling your visa card.  From what I understand, when you use the enrolled visa card, it seems you get a chance to win an epic NFL experience. To fully understand the rules, limitations, and terms of use surrounding this sweepstakes offer, make sure you are fully apprised of the official rules. 

The epic experiences are truly over the top.  As a major fan, I would love to win the opportunity to interview an NFL player.  For example, the official promotion says that you could be potentially interviewing Ray Lewis after a game.  If you would enjoy this prize as much as I would, you should enter to win via the www.visa.com/makeitepic site.  I would make sure I got lots of pictures of that experience.  My friends would be very jealous of me.  I also know that I would probably never stop talking about that interview. Let’s be honest, what football fan doesn’t dream about being a reporter interviewing a NFL football player after a game.  But don’t worry, there are also other prizes you could win in the Visa NFL Fan Offers Sweepstakes.  

Another great make it epic experience you might be able to win with the latest NFL Fan Offers Sweepstakes brought to you by Visa is a chance to watch football in John Madden’s viewing studio. In addition, you get your airfare paid for.  That would definitely be an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and if you know someone who would enjoy this as much as I would, tell them about the visa.com make it epic sweepstakes page to facilitate entry.  I love playing his games and I feel it would be an awesome experience to watch in his viewing area.  The best part is that you get to bring a guest with you.  After all, it would be a lot more fun when you are sharing that winning experience with a best friend, family member, or significant other. Besides, you would want to have a guest with you to prove you were really there.  Otherwise, your buddies might not believe you.

Another prize you might win from Visa’s Make It Epic sweepstakes is the opportunity to hear a coach’s game day speech.  This might bring back memories if you played football in high school or college.  However, if you are like most football fans, you might have wondered what a professional coach’s speech sounds like.  This would be a phenomenal prize to win and one you would never forget.  To learn more about this epic prize, you can get additional details on the visa.com/makeitepic page. There are also additional experiences associated with this sweepstakes offer.  Additional prizes include watching the Pro Bowl on the sidelines of the game. To me, that is getting as close to the action as you can without being a football player or referee. There are also chances to win an autographed football.  I love collecting football memorabilia and this might be a way to add to my collection if I win. Furthermore, epic offers related to this promotion are also highlighted.  Because this is a sweepstakes, please note that no purchase is required to win. Also, it appears that you do not have to get a visa card and enroll it to enter the sweepstakes. However, it does appear you need to be eighteen by a certain date to be eligible.  The official rules can be accessed on the visa make it epic site. Good luck to all those fans who enter.

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