Www.TurboTaxClassAction.com – Turbo Tax Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.TurboTaxClassAction.com – Turbo Tax Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The amount that will go into a fund for this case is $6.55 million. This is for all those who chose the option to have the Turbo Tax fees deducted from their tax return. The time period for this was between January 12, 2008 to May 28, 2013. The company that makes the software is Intuit, Inc. The deduction of the fee from the tax return comes with a fee which is $29.95. So if this applies to you, then you will be able to file a claim in order to get some compensation. The deadline at which you must submit your valid claim form is October 28, 2013. You can find out more about all the important dates at the www.turbotaxclassaction.com site.

The other dates that are important for you to take legal action on includes the dates to object and to exclude yourself from the Turbo Tax Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. The date to object is August 28, 2013. The date to exclude yourself from the case is September 23, 2013. This is a little surprising because usually the deadline to object and exclude yourself are the same. The Fairness Hearing is going to be on September 27, 2013. If you wish to attend this, you cannot just show up at the hearing. You will have to submit a request to do so. Your request should be sent by August 28, 2013. You should be able to find out more about how to do this at the www.turbotaxclassaction.com site. This information can be found in the notice that you should be able to download from the site. The notice will contain all the information that you need. This will have legal language so it may be difficult to understand for some people.

If you wish to contact the settlement administrator to ask questions or to get information, then you can do this by clicking on the Contact Us button on the website. Usually there is a phone number or an address that you can call in order to talk to someone who can answer your questions or provide you with the information that you need. However, in this case, you will need to enter your personal information in a form. You will have to enter your first and last names, your physical address which is optional, your email address which is required, your day phone number which is required, your night phone number which is also required. You will also have to select a subject and then enter a message in the text box provided. Your message is limited to 5000 characters. This may sound like a lot to you but each letter is considered a character. Also spaces are considered characters. So you can run out of characters very fast if you have a lot of questions or if your question is complicated. Also you are asked not to contact the court if you have questions. You are also asked not to contact the court clerk’s office. And you should not contact Intuit or any of the Intuit lawyers either.

The name of this case is Smith et al. v. Intuit, Inc. The case number is 5:12-cv-00222. You may need to add this information to anything that you submit or send in terms of your legal actions. The reason for the case being brought against the company is that the company allegedly violated several laws. These laws include federal consumer protection laws. The laws also include California laws. If you wish to get a copy of some legal documents, you can go to the site and download them. These documents include the original Complaint, the Settlement Agreement, the Preliminary Approval Order. You can also download the Full Class Notice and Claim form. All you need to do is click on the Documents link at the top. All these documents are in the PDF format.

You can submit an online claim form if you wish to get any kind of benefits from the Turbo Tax Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. You must complete all the information required. This means that you will have to complete all the sections. In addition you must sign the form. You will first have to enter your personal information. You will then have to enter other information which include your ID which you can get from the postcard that you received in the mail. If you do not have this, you can also enter the last four of your social. Just complete the other sections and finally certify that your information is accurate. You will get a message that says that your form has been received.

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