Www.Trombley-Administrator.com – Bank of America Late Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.Trombley-Administrator.com – Bank of America Late Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

You are considered eligible to take part in this case if you had a Bank of America credit card account at any time from August 1, 2006 to February 22, 2010. You must have been charged a late payment fee even though you paid on time. You may have had a credit card account with FIA Card Services, N.A. too in order to be eligible. This case is also known as the Bruce J. Trombley and Ryan Sukaskas v. Bank of America Corporation. The case number is 08-456. You can find out about the detailed benefits that you can get at the www.Trombley-Administrator.com site. This was the original case that was filed. However this case was rejected by the U.S. District Judge because the attorneys’ fees was too large. This is therefore the revised version of the settlement.

On the main website, you will find out that you  if you are eligible, you will get payments from the Bank of America Late Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement fund. Money will also be taken out of this account for the payment of the fees for the lawyers and also payments to the class representatives. If you are eligible, you would get a payment in cash or as a credit in the amount of up to $28. The credit will go to your FIA Card Services account. However the deadline for you to file your claim form was by December 23, 2011. There were 393,792 who are eligible to get the benefits. However only 3500 people filed valid claims. Hence each person will get $40. Those who did not file claims will also get payment. The payment will be pro rated from the remainder of the funds. This will most likely be in the amount of $6.

You can go to the www.Trombley-Administrator.com site to get the information on the case. You will be able to find all the deadlines there. The deadlines for any type of legal action has already passed. You will not be able to exclude yourself from the Bank of America Late Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and you will definitely not be able to object as that deadline has also passed. However you can get a lot of other information. One of the most common information that a person has is whether he or she is eligible. One of the ways of knowing this is if you got a notice in the mail. Of course this is not always the case. But it is a good indication. If you did not get a notice in the mail, that does not by any means imply that you are not eligible. It could mean that you may have moved and the address that is on file is to your old address. So do check with the Settlement Administrator. A phone number is usually provided at the site.

As to legal questions, you can always ask Class Counsel. Class Counsel in this case are the Law offices of Peter N. Wasylyk and Donovan Searles & Axler, LLC. There is complete addresses on the site and this means that you will be able to write to them. I did not find a phone number but I am sure you will be able to find that if you really want to talk to someone at the firms. If you cannot locate any phone numbers, then you should write. It may take longer to get a response but it is better than not having your questions answered. You can also hire your own lawyers if you want. However if you do that, then you will have to pay for the lawyer yourself. The Court will not pick up the lawyer’s fees. This is because the judge has already provided you with legal counsel. Not using their services is totally your choice. You can of course hire your own lawyer if you feel that your own lawyer will be better able to take care of your needs. There is no information as yet as to how those who did not file a claim previously will get the benefits. There will most likely be another claim form to fill out. Also if  you had already filled one out perviously, then you will just get the money.

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