Www.Trifexis.com/TVRebate – Get a $20 Rebate on Trifexis

Www.Trifexis.com/TVRebate – Get a $20 Rebate on Trifexis

Save big money when you get a rebate on the best parasite protection for your pet at www.trifexis.com/tvrebate.  Trifexis is the best protection for your dog in my opinion because it helps to prevent heartworm.  In addition it also kills fleas too.  Even better is the fact that it can also potentially prevent infestation.  If you have ever had a flea infestation, you know that it something that you never want to go through again.  That is why I give my family dog Trifexis.  I haven’t seen my pooch scratching and I feel better when I give him his medicine.  Unlike other hearth worm medications and flea treatments that I had to give him many times a week, Trifexis is much easier to use.  Simply put, you only have to give it once a month.  The good news is that I don’t forget like I did when I had to give it weekly.  This treatment according their site also protects against certain types of internal parasites.  You don’t want your dog to suffer with hookwork or roundworm.  It appears you can prevent this onset with Trifexis.

In addition, to feeling good about protecting your dog, you will also feel good about saving money.  With the official site www.trifexis.com/tvrebate, you can get $20 with a 12 dose supply of Trifexis.  Trifexis is referred to on the site as spinosad plus milbemycin oxime.   That must be the veterinarian wording or the key ingredients that goes into making up Trifexis.  You might want to ask you veterinarian for clarification.  It should be easy to do that because you will have to get a prescription for Trifexis from your veterinarian that you take your dog too.  I know my dog starts to come in contact with a lot of fleas in the spring and summer, so I want to make sure he is protected in that time period.  I also want to make sure he is protected year round from heartworm and intestinal parasites that could harm him year round.

Another feature that is available on the trifexis.com site is that you can sign up to get text reminders when it is time to give your dog it’s next dose.  How great it that.  You don’t have to write it down on a calendar, only to look at it weeks later to realize you forgot.  With a reminder text message, there is not excuse to ever miss giving your dog their heart worm or flea medicine.  Your dog will most likely like to take it because it is beef flavored and you can give it as a treat.  I once read a joke that talked about how a man struggled to give a cat a pill.  The poor man got clawed and hissed at.  He even got scratched and bit trying to give his cat a prescription medication from its veterinarian.  It then asked how that same man would go about giving his dog it’s prescription.  The punch line was that the man would wrap the pill in cheese and give it to the dog without a problem.   Knowing that you don’t even have to wrap Trifexis in cheese to get your dog to take it is reassuring.  But remember that trick, as it does work well when you have to give something to your dog that he doesn’t want to eat.

Another huge important benefit to note about Trifexis is that you don’t have to isolate your dog from other animals or kids during treatment as it is an oral product.  Some flea treatments for your dog require you to spray your dog.  Well if you have kids, they might pet the dog and the flea powder.  If they don’t wash their hands and immediately put them in their mouth, they might ingest it.  That worry is alleviated with Trifexis.   Be sure to not only get this product to benefit your dog’s health, also fill out the form on the page www.trifexis.com/tvrebate to get your twenty dollars.  Twenty dollars can sure buy a lot of dog food for man’s best friend.

You should be advised that their are some health warnings posted on the trifexis site.  For example, it says that some reactions might occur.  Specifically, it mentioned a dog might vomit or experience diarrhea.  So watch your dog carefully after administering the veterinarian’s prescription.  You will want to ask your doctor about the prescription if you know your dog is pregnant or if you are looking to breed your dog.  Veterinarians are great sources of information on Trifexis.

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