Www.ToyotaELSettlement.com – Toyota Economic Loss Unintended Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.ToyotaELSettlement.com – Toyota Economic Loss Unintended Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Toyota Economic Loss Unintended Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is for all those who have Toyota vehicles and who experienced uncontrollable bursts of acceleration that was not caused by the driver. Some of the claims that have been brought against Toyota include breach of warranties and violations of consumer protection statutes. Basically there was a defect in the electronic throttle control systems or ETCS. This is what caused the sudden acceleration of the vehicles. The types of vehicles included can be found at the www.ToyotaELSettlement.com site. Some of these vehicles include 4Runner, Avalon, Camry, CamryHV, Camry Solara, Celica, Corolla, Corolla Matrix, FJ Cruiser, Highlander, HighlanderHV, Land Cruiser, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Spyder, Supra, Tacoma, Tundra, Venza, Yaris Hatchback, Yaris, Lexus, and Scion. You can find out about the model and model years at the website

So if you owned or leased any one of the vehicles mentioned above and at the www.ToyotaELSettlement.com site before December 28, 2012, then you will be able to take part in the Toyota Economic Loss Unintended Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. If you wish to take part, you will have to carefully scrutinize the site to find out if you are eligible. There are a number of categories that you may fall into. The amount of the fund is $250 million. You will get a portion of this. If you are worried about the vehicle that you are driving now, Toyota assures that all its vehicles are safe. To be honest, this really scares me. Even though Toyota assures us that the vehicles are safe to drive, Toyota also denies all wrongdoing in this case.

So it is up to you if you wish to continue to drive the vehicle. If it were up to me I would be terrified that something like this would happen again. If you remember, there were accidents that happened because of this. I cannot fathom what that must have been like. The head of Toyota even apologized at that time for allowing this to happen. However, now Toyota denies all wrong doing. So this is very confusing to me. I have a lot of friends who love their Toyotas and would not give them up for nothing. If you ask me, I would not go anywhere near it. I am too terrified of what else might go wrong.

If you would like to receive compensation from this case, then you must submit a claim form about 150 days from the date of the notice. So if you received a notice in the mail, it means that you are eligible to take part. In addition, this also means that you have 150 days from the date of the notice to file your claim form. If you are not sure what the time period really is, I would suggest that you file as soon as possible because you inadvertently miss the deadline if you wait too long. The Final Fairness Hearing will be held on June 14, 2013.

If you were in an accident, then this settlement does not affect your case. You will continue with your accident claims. In addition you can also benefit from this case. So the two cases are mutually exclusive. If you decide to participate, then you will also get a brake override system installed on your vehicles for free. This will ensure that the engine power is reduced when both the brake and accelerator pedals are depressed. This benefit will be offered after The Final Settlement hearing when the final approval has been provided by the Court. All you will need to do is to take your car to the Toyota authorized dealer. This will include the Lexus and Scion dealers. You have up to 2 years to take your car in for this service to be installed. In addition if this is approved, Toyota will provide a Customer Support Program. This program will provide for repairs and adjustments that the vehicles would need in case of defects. So basically what this means is that if there was a defect, then the program will allow for the fixing of the defect. This program will last for 10 years after the existing warranty on the vehicle has expired.

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