Www.TellSubway.com – Tell Subway: Take Survey / Get Free Food

Www.TellSubway.com – Tell Subway: Take Survey / Get Free Food

What is better than Subway food?  Getting Subway food for free!  Get your free food by taking a 1 minute survey on www.tellsubway.com as prompted to do so on your receipt. It is simple to do and even fun.  Subway wants to ensure that you get that great food and great service you expect at their store.  As a result, they have designed an online survey to check for quality control.  The first step is to locate on your receipt the store number of the location where you dined.  I found my store location in the upper left hand corner.   Next, simply enter the id in the box where prompted.  If you do not submit the correct number, it will tell you that it is not found or does not exist.  Please double check your number, so that you can advance to the survey page.  After you have submitted the store identification properly, you will be taken to the survey page to complete the form.

The survey that you will take will only require about one minute of your time. That’s not much time for a reward.  It actually only took me 30 seconds to complete my survey on the official page www.tellsubway.com.  The survey will ask questions that want to know about your level of satisfaction with the Subway restaurant you ate at.  For example, they might want to know more about customer service, value, food, or cleanliness.  There is even a place where you can declare that you were satisfied.   They will even want to know other important things like how often you eat at Subway per month.   I eat there at least three times a week.  I just love their healthy choices.  I know when I got to other fast food places, I don’t feel I get all the healthy options that Subway has.  As a result, I would tell subway that they are doing a great job.

We all have to eat on the run, but there is no reason why we cant eat healthy food on the run.  The quick solution is to look for a subway restaurant.  I also would tellsubway that they have the best value in the fast food business.  I know that I feel I save more money than brown bagging.   And by taking the tell subway survey, I can earn free food.  Before completing the survey, they will ask you for some additional information that you will need to get from your receipt.  You will need to provide the the date on your receipt.  This was found on the very top of my receipt.  In addition, they will be interested in the time that is on your receipt too.  That was located right next to the date.

I got a free cookie for taking the survey.  All I had to do was take the survey that took me less than one minute to complete.  Then at the end of the tellsubway.com site, I provided my email address for a unique code that would entitle me to my free cookie.  Yum.  You can even sign up to receive news from Subway and offers too.  I eat at Subway all the time, so I look forward to receiving email offers in my in box.  I remember when I first learned about Subway, it was when Michael Phelps became one of their spokesperson.  I thought if Michael liked it, I should try it.  It was the best tasting sub sandwich I ever had and now I go for lunch constantly.  I don’t want any other sandwich.

So take the tell subway survey and get your code for your free food item. I will be redeeming mine on my trip back for lunch.  Check out there great menu online too at subway.com.  I like to have all my co-workers look online for their order and then email me their lunch requests.  It makes ordering go quicker and the best part is that I can actually read the order.  This also makes ordering faster and I can get all of our great lunches in no time at all. My co-workers think I am a hero when I bring them back their Subway sandwiches in a jiffy.

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