Www.tax.ny.gov – Free File and E-file NY Taxes – forms and instructions online

Www.tax.ny.gov – Free File and E-file – forms and instructions online

Access free file and e-file through www.tax.ny.gov to get your refund. Get the forms and instructions you need to file your New York taxes quickly and efficiently.   You will be mandated to efile this year or you may be subject to a financial penalty for not doing so.  If you complete your  taxes with a tax preparation software program, if you have internet access that is considered broadband, and if your tax software, such as your efile program, allows you to file electronic, you need to file electronically.  But the good news is that they give you resources to help you with that.

The New York Department of Taxation provides easy to use resources that will help you file your state taxes.   For example, on the official page www.tax.ny.gov, you can find pertinent information on the necessary forms you might be required to use.  There is also a resource for instructions that will help you complete your tax preparation process quicker.  The good news is that the sooner you file your taxes, the sooner you may get your refund.  In this economy, who doesn’t want or need their refund check fast.  In fact, you can arrange to get your refund sent electronically to your checking account.  This is referred to as direct deposit of your tax refund.  You may also be able to get it in the form of a debit card.

Many of the forms you are looking for are easily accessible.  For example, IT-203 Nonresident, E-Z Rep TR 2000 power of attorney, IT-201 Resident Long Forms are all accessible on the New York tax site.  One of the best features of this service is the ability to check your refund status.  You can even use the online service to make payments and to change your address if necessary.  Remember this is an official government site, so make sure you use the correct extension.  Www.tax.ny.com will not take you to where you probably want to go. It is also important to read on what new changes have gone in effect regarding your personal income tax in New York.   The new withholding tax rate has been changed this year.  As a result, if you are one of the millions living in New York City, the amount withheld from your check for taxes has changed.

To stay on top of the latest news from NY’s Department of Taxation, you can read the press release that are posted by the department on www.tax.ny.gov site. You can even learn more about the voluntary disclosure program that might be beneficial to you.  Paying your taxes on time is important.  If you don’t, you could be subject to additional fines.  More importantly, many people are entitled to a refund.  As a result, if you don’t file or don’t file on time, you are allowing someone else to use your money.    With online efiling, the process has gotten even simpler.  It should only take you a few minutes to complete the process if you have all your required forms handy.

Also, if you don’t pay your taxes, the government will probably come after you for them.  So file them online and be done.  Don’t stress about filing your taxes.  With the resources the NY Tax Department provides, I believe anyone can do it.   Now to use the free file software, there are some eligibility requirements.  You might to explore those to see if you qualify.  Even if you don’t, my experience is that those tax preparation software programs are very reasonable.   In fact, I feel that the paper route is difficult because you have to do all your own calculations.  With a software program, it often will perform the calculations for you.

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