Www.TalonNotice.com – First American Title Insurance Escrow Services Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.TalonNotice.com – First American Title Insurance Escrow Services Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This lawsuit is all about the fees that were charged to the customers of the Talon Group. These fees are escrow services fees for real estate transaction. This occurred in the state of Washington within the time period of August 18, 2003 to now. The fees that were charged were wire or express fees, reconveyancce fees and also recording fees. The name of the lawsuit is Tavenner v. The Talon Group. The case number is C09-1370RSL. You can find out about the legal actions that you can take at the www.talonnotice.com site.

The amount of the settlement is $1.275 million. If you decide to take part, you will get money or coupon. You will get money for the fees that you paid. You may also get a $50 coupon. This coupon is to be used to future escrow services. These services must be from the First American Title Insurance Company. You must file a claim if you want this. It must be postmarked by February 28, 2014 in order to get the money and the coupons. You will basically get up to $35 for recording fees, $10 for wire/express fees, $5 for reconveyance fees. You will also get $5 for fees that you paid for recording documents that are not deeds of trust. Those who paid a reconveyance fee will also get a $50 coupon. These monetary awards are estimations. How much you actually get depends on the number of people who filed the claim form.

There cannot be two people who submit claims for the same fees. This can occur if there is more than one owner or if there is more than one person on the mortgage loan. If this happens, then the money will be split between the two of you. If there are more than two people, then the money will be split with everyone. The company will also pay the attorney’s fees. This amount to about $900,000. The named plaintiff will also get $10,000. These amounts have not been approved by the court yet. This will take place during the Fairness Hearing which will take place on April 10, 2014. This will be in Seattle, Washington. You can attend if you want but you do not have to. However, if you would like to speak at the hearing then you must request this in writing. If the court approves your request, then you may attend and you will get a chance to speak. You must include your name, your physical address and your signature. This request is known as the Notice of Intention to Appear. You must send this in by February 28, 2014. You can get more details on this at the www.talonnotice.com site. My advice is for you to download and read the settlement notice if you did not get it in the mail. This will provide you with all the information that you need in order to understand the case.

If after reading the notice and all the information that you can find on the website, you find that you still have questions or concerns that have not been addressed yet, then you can get in touch with the settlement administrator.  You will be able to either call or send in a letter. It will be easier for you if you just pick up the phone and call. The court has also provided counsel for you. They are known as the class counsel. They are Guy Beckett and Robin Williamson. You can seek their help if you need legal advice. This legal advice could be anything from what kind of legal action you should take to getting explanations on things that you do not understand. The class counsel will also represent you during the Fairness Hearing. So you will not need to hire your own lawyers. I know how expensive that can be. I know I was charged an arm and a leg for some simple questions I had for a lawyer. So not that you can get free legal advice, I suggest that you take it.

You can also request exclusion from the First American Title Insurance Escrow Services Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. You will have do this in writing and send it to the settlement administrator. This must be done by February 28, 2014.

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