Www.SunscreenClassAction.com – Banana Boat UltraMist Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SunscreenClassAction.com – Banana Boat UltraMist Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This case is also known as the In re UltraMist Sunscreen Litigation. The case number is 13-cv-131. The reason for the case is that the Banana Boat Sunscreen products that were sprayed on the skin had a chance of igniting on the skin. This would happen if your skin came into contact with something that can ignite it. This also would happen before the product was dry. You are considered a part of the class if you live in the United States and you bought the Banana Boat UltraMist products. The time period covered is at any time from January 2010 to October 2012. If you are not sure what products are included, you can go to the www.SunscreenClassAction.com site. There is a list that that you can look at that will show you whether your product is included in the case.

If you are going to take part, the only way you will get any kind of benefit is through a claim form. Your claim form must be sent in by June 30, 2014 by the latest. You can download a personalized claim form. This means that you will have to enter some information on the website. This information is used for your claim form. So when you download the form to your computer, the information that you entered would be printed out in your claim form. So this is good as you will not have to write out that information. That information includes your first name, your last name and your company. You will also have to enter your address. You can select whether your address is a US address or your non-U.S. address. You will also have to enter your telephone number and your email address. Not all of this information is mandatory. You can enter some information and you do not have to enter others. Only the questions with red asterisks are mandatory. If you have any questions, there is a toll free number on the www.SunscreenClassAction.com site that you can call. This number is probably for the settlement administrator. You can also go to the site and look at the FAQ.

If you submit your claim form, then you will get either vouchers or cash or even coupons. You can get vouchers that can be used to replace the products that you bought. There are 4 different categories. The first category is category A. You will be in this class if you bought the products and you did not use the product but you do have the proof that you bought the product, then you will get 2 vouchers. You can get replacements with these vouchers. The second is category B. Under this, you will be able to get what you would have received for category A and in addition you will get another voucher. So in total you will get 3 vouchers. But in order to be eligible for this, you must have bought at least 3 bottles of the product. You must also have proof that you bought the product.

The third category is Category C.  In this category, you will get a cash refund. However your cash refund cannot be more than $20. You have to be able to proof that you did not use the product. Under the D category, you will get 2 coupons to buy the Banana Boat products that are some kind of sunscreen products. You will receive your vouchers, your cash or even your coupons after final approval has been given by the court. If there are any appeals during that court hearing, these appeals have to be resolved before payment can be made.

When you buy sunscreen products you do not expect to catch on fire. That is why this is so scary. If you are at the beach, there are many people who are spraying sunscreen on themselves or their children. I know that many times as I was walking by, I would be covered in sunscreen. That is scary because I could have caught on fire if they were using the Banana Boat UltraMist products and I was near a fire. Or just applying that sunscreen near a fire. This is especially dangerous when children are around. So if you have bought the products, then go ahead and fill out the form and get some benefits.

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