Www.SteinfeldTCPASettlement.com – Discover Financial Services TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SteinfeldTCPASettlement.com – Discover Financial Services TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is the Steinfeld v. Discover Financial Services, et al. case. If you got a phone call from Discover, then you may be eligible to get compensation. This should have happened at any time from November 30, 2007 to September 10, 2013. The call you should have received should be a pre-recorded call that was automated. This is in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA since no consent was received from the person receiving the call. You as the customer have four options that you can find out about at the www.SteinfeldTCPASettlement.com site

The first option is to file the Discover Financial Services TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form of course. If you do decide to file a claim, you will have to do this by February 25, 2014. Filing a claim is really simple. All you need to do is click on the link on the left that says “Submit/Request Claim Form”.  You will be able to file online even if you do not have your claim number. If you do not wish to claim online, then you can download the form, fill it out and send it via regular mail.

Another option is to send in a revocation form. What is does is to make Discover stop calling you with an automated recording. You have to send this by March 16, 2014 at the latest. You can do this online at the www.SteinfeldTCPASettlement.com site or you can also download it and send it in via regular mail. This is a new option that not many cases have. I think this is good so that you do not get those calls. They can be annoying to say the least. What I dislike most is that you will get the calls at the most inopportune time.

Usually when you are part of a class, you will get a notice in the mail. This is a very important piece of information because it gives you information about the case in details and provides you with all the information that you need in order to make the proper or appropriate decision. One of the important pieces of information is the contact information for the settlement administrator. You will need this for many reasons. One of them of course is to ask questions. If after going over the notice and or the FAQ online, you still have questions, then this is one person that you can ask. There is usually a phone number that is provided that you can call. I am sure that there are certain time ranges when you can make the calls. If you are not sure, just try calling. You will soon discover what the best time would be.

Another important piece of information in the Discover Financial Services TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement that you need to know about is the name and contact information of the lawyers that will help you. There may be one or there may be several. They may be from the same company or they could be from several different law firms. Collectively they are known as the Class Counsel. Because of their presence, you will not need to hire your own lawyers. You can if you want to of course. But why pay for something when you can get it for free. You also do not have to worry about the quality of the service that you will receive. Since they represent you, they will look out for your best interest.

Another crucial piece of information or I should say pieces of information that you will get is the information on what to include in either your letter to ask for exclusion or your letter to seek to object. Basically you will have to include some key pieces of information that is required. If you miss any of the pieces of information, then you will not be able to follow through with that particular action because your request will be considered invalid. It is always good to call the administrator for clarity or to find out if there are problems because then you will know if you have to resubmit. Usually the administrator will send you a letter telling you if there are problems or issues that need to be addressed further or information that need to be added.

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