Www.Starbucks.com/Register – Starbucks Register Your Card: Earn Rewards

Www.Starbucks.com/Register – Starbucks Register Your Card: Earn Rewards

Register your card to earn rewards such as a free drink and free products.  Everyone loves Starbucks Coffee and Starbucks wants to give you a chance to see how much they love you.  Just simply register your card on the official Starbucks site at www.starbucks.com/register and you are one step closer to reaping the benefits.  If you don’t have an account, you can set one up very easily.  It doesn’t take much time and you will be glad you did when you start earning your rewards.  Registering your Starbucks account or starting a new one only takes a few minutes to complete.  You will feel like your a member of a club with the card.

So what all can you get for registering your Starbucks card online?   Lots of delectable things that are sure to thrill your taste buds.  First, you get a free handcrafted beverage on your birthday if you have registered your card online via the official page www.starbucks.com/register.  Getting another year older never tasted so good when you are sipping on a vanilla latte or when of the freshly brewed iced teas they offer.  The best bart is that membership in the program is absolutely free.  You can sign up in confidence.   Every time you go to your favorite Starbucks Coffee location and pay with your card, youw will earn what is referred to as a star.  The stars are your pathway to great rewards.  In fact, it might even lead you to the Starbucks Gold Card realm.

If you have 5 stars you are what they call the green level.  This is where you will really be glad that you took my advice to register your Starbucks card.  At this level, you can choose a syrup or milk option free when you purchase a beverage.   Furthermore at the green card level, if you pay with your card you will get a free refill on the world’s best brewed coffee and the tastiest teas during that visit to the store.  As with everything, there are rules and regulations that apply and might affect some of these great rewards that I am noting for you.   In addition, you can also claim your free beverage when you purchase a pound of whole beans.  Who wouldn’t want a free tall and beans to grind up at home for those late night craving for rich roasted coffee.

Remember, these rewards are not available to you unless you set up your Starbucks account online and use your card to pay.  As noted, the rewards are plentiful and the goodies are divine.  If you haven’t done so all ready use the official site www.strabucks.com/register to get fully enrolled in the program. You will even be eligible for free trials of products too.  After the green level, aim to achieve the Gold Level.  One becomes a gold level member when they have accumulated 30 stars.   Now, you must accumulate those stars in a twelve month period to advance to the next level and the more highly coveted rewards.   With your Starbucks Gold Level in hand, you will be entitled to a free drink every 15 stars.  For me, that is two free drinks every month because Igot there every day and often twice a day.   Even better yet, the Starbucks.com register your card page explains that you will also get a personalized card and offers that I’m sure every coffee lover will enjoy.

Start your day off right and end it right at your local Starbucks Coffee. You are already enjoying the quality products, why not get rewarded for being a loyal Starbucks Customers.   If you have yours already, reload it so you can keep using it without interruption.  They come in handy when you are on the go or have a lot of things you are carrying.   While registering, be sure to also check out Starbuck’s dedication to people.  There contributions are inspiring and make you feel good knowing that your coffee purchases are a part of that. So whatever you do it, register your card, reload it, and reward yourself.

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