Www.SSA.gov/MyStatement – Social Security Statement – View It

Www.SSA.gov/MyStatement – Social Security Statement – View It

The Social Security Administration provides online access via the official www.SSA.gov/MyStatement site to one’s social security statement.  Viewing your social security statement online from the SSA will help you to get a better understanding of what potential benefits might be forthcoming.  This information is essential to future planing.  In addition, you can also see a list of the taxes you have paid for social security and medicare.  You can even print out a copy of your statement as well.  To begin the process of viewing the SSA my statement materials, you will want to set up an account first.  This is a relatively easy process and should be completed rather quickly.  In order to do that though, they will ask you some questions that are specific to you.  After going through this process, you will need to set up a user name and a password for your new account online. After all, you will want to protect access to your Social Security Statement online. So keep your information private and secure. 

I enjoy accessing my social security statement online to get the information I need in a timely manner.  In fact, one of the best things I liked about the Social Security Administration www.SSA.gov/MyStatement page was that it helped me estimate what I might receive in future benefits. It was definitely an eye opener to me because it did not appear that I would receive as much as I thought I would. As a result, I now have a better idea of how much I should save and put away for the next few years.  In fact, after looking at the amount I paid in and looking at what my benefits might be, I think I will have to put away half my paycheck every period If I want to retire when I become eligible to do so.  That will require a lot of sacrifices on my behalf.  If you don’t know where you stand in terms of potential benefits, than you should definitely check out your social security statement online.  If it has been a while, you might check again for a statement update. 

The SSA.gov My Statement page motivated me to create a plan for my future and I encourage everyone else to look at their statements as well. Also, setting up the my social security online account was kind of fun, as they asked questions that made you recall things from far in your past.  If you have questions, they even have a frequently asked sections that you can explore.  You will find answers to many pressing questions that you might have, but never asked anyone about. In addition, there are sections dedicated to survivors and to disability.  If you or someone you know needs help, the disability section might have the materials you are looking for. 

One thing my father told me to do that is really important is to make sure that everything listed on the Social Security my statement online page was accurate.  You will need to look that information up on the official www.ssa.gov/mystatement site and make sure that it is correct.  As a result, if you have lots of work credits missing, that might impact your final benefit.  I have a friend who told me that all the time she worked while in school didn’t show up on hers and she was now going through the process to ensure the money she earned during that time period was reflected on there.  When it comes to money and benefits, one should always keep a close eye on things to make sure they are updated and accurate. You don’t want to be like my friend who is scrambling to get credit for work she did years ago.  

If it is easier to remember, you can also get your online social security statement by visiting the www.SocialSecurity.gov/MyStatement site. I like checking mine often so that I can make changes to my planning if necessary.  I would also encourage you to print it out and keep it with other important documents.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned that way, but I like a hard copy and I sometimes like to refer to things without having to get back online.  Also, if you are computer literate, you should teach others how to pull up their statements or how to access the SSA my statement page.  For example, I know many people who are nearing retirement who don’t know how to view the social security statement online.  Thus if you are able to tell them about the process, they are more likely to see the information they need to see.  Furthermore, I am sure they will be appreciative of your efforts. 

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