Www.SoutheastDairyClass.com – Southeast Dairy Farmers Raw Milk Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SoutheastDairyClass.com – Southeast Dairy Farmers Raw Milk Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Southeast Dairy Farmers Raw Milk Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is about raw milk sales in the Southeast. The allegation was that the defendants violated antitrust laws in that the dairy farmers in the Southeast were paid lower than they should have. So if you are a dairy farmer in that region who produced raw Grade A Milk and sold your product to the Defendants from January 1, 2001 to the present can take part. If you would like to know who the Defendants are, you can go the settlement website at www.SoutheastDairyClass.com.

The amount of the Southeast Dairy Farmers Raw Milk Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is $140 million. That is a hefty settlement and you will have to submit a claim form if you wish to take part. You can download the claim form at www.SoutheastDairyClass.com and submit it via regular mail by May 1, 2012. You do not have an option to submit it online at the website. In addition, you must provide information on the total amount of raw Grade A milk that your farm products. This must be in the Federal Milk Market Orders 5 and/or 7. The milk must also be sold directly or through an agent to the Defendants. There are also Co-Conspirators that are involved. So if you sold the raw milk to the Co-Conspirators, you can also take part and get some of the money.

If you send the claim form late or if the claim form is not received by May 1, 2012, you will not get any money. Basically it will be rejected. So make sure that you send this in as soon as possible. However, please be aware that submitting a claim form does not guarantee that you will get any money. You must submit all the information needed and your information must be correct. You will need to either type the information in the claim form or print it clearly. If you have bad handwriting, then you should type it. It seems odd to say that as nobody uses a typewriter anymore. We usually just print from the computer.

The claim form is a PDF. However, with this form, you cannot fill out the information on the form itself. There are PDF forms that you can type into so that you will be able to print it out with the information already typed in. However, this is one which you will have to print out and then fill in the information. You will also have to type in the Farm information. You will have to provide information on whether your farm is a corporation, a cooperative or just an individual farm. You will also have to provide the address of your farm. In addition you will have to provide the total number of pounds of raw grade A milk that your form produced. You have to be accurate here because the information will be checked against a data base. Furthermore, you will be asked to provide your social security number if you are an individual or your EIN which stands for your Employer Identification Number. You will also agree that you give up your right to sue by submitting the claim form.

This is something that you have to decide. If you decide that you would rather sue the Defendants or the Co-Conspirators instead, then you should not fill out the form. What you have to do instead is to opt-out or exclude yourself from the settlement by sending in a written request. If you do not do this, you are still considered a part of the settlement even if you do not do anything. If you are confused and do not know what to do, there is a toll free number that you can call. This toll free number is provided on the claim form at the website.

I hope that you will make the right decision. I always wonder if I will get more if I sue on my own. If you decide to do this, make sure you take into account the legal fees that you will incur no matter what the outcome. So even if you do not get much if you decide to sue on your own, you will still have to pay legal fees. I honestly do not think that this is worth it. I think it is better just to take part and take the compensation. After all a little bit of money is better than no money at all.

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