Www.socialsecurity.gov/prescriptionhelp – Prescription Help

Www.socialsecurity.gov/prescriptionhelp – Prescription Help

If you need extra help, then you will want to explore the www.socialsecurity.gov/prescriptionhelp resource. If you qualify, you could potentially save thousands.  Beneficiaries of medicare may qualify and you should examine your eligibility.  Social Security prescription help may be one thing that can make a difference.  My mother is on medicare and the cost of prescription drug plans scares her.   In fact, that is how she learned about this program.  She was expressing her concerns about the costs she encountered and her friend told her that programs were available.  Being the problem solver she is, she was soon online and checking to see if she qualified for the extra prescription help.  Even if she gets a little, it will make all the difference.  She lives on a very restricted budget and money can be tight.  If you are in the same boat she is, you are not enjoying the quality of life you should because you are worrying about expenses. The first thing to be eligible for this exciting program is that you must currently be receiving Medicare.  Given the number of people on it, chances are good that if you are retired you have already signed up for that government benefit. 

In addition to being on medicare, in order to take advantage of the prescription help the Social Security Administration is promoting, you will also have to meet certain income requirements.  These qualifying factors are clearly spelled out on the www.socialsecurity.gov/precriptionhelp page for you to refer to.  Also, you must meet specific residence requirements as well.  If you are in one of the fifty states or in D.C., then you should be one step closer.   In fact, they even allow you to apply online.  I like using technology like this because I feel it makes the process go faster in my opinion.  I know my mother is internet savvy and she immediately applied online for extra help with her prescription drug plan expenses. In fact, I remember the day she called me when she did that.  She was wanting to know how much her income was.  I laughed and asked here if she was planning on buying something.  She informed me that she was merely seeing if she met the guidelines for getting extra help.  She said that if she saved a little more money on her expenses, she wouldn’t worry as much as she did. She unfortunately was just slightly above the requirement.  Nevertheless, even if you are slightly over the limits, you still might qualify. 

For example, as noted on the socialsecurity.gov prescription help resource, certain factors may make you eligible despite having a higher income.  Simply stated, the place where you live might play a factor.  I’m glad that they take where you live into consideration because I know that some places are way more expensive to live than others.  Other considerations that they take into account if you go over the limit include, but are not limited to, if you are the person providing for another family member who lives in your place. In addition, if you have income you generate from work that might also be a mitigating circumstance.  Don’t get discouraged if your income appears to immediately prevent you from getting prescription help and explore the exceptions to the rule. 

My mom’s friend was one of those exceptions and she was thrilled to learn that she was going to get social security prescription help.  She is happy because, from what I understand, she is getting help with the cost of her medicare prescription drug plan expenses. You can apply online or you can call the Social Security Administration and do it over the phone if you prefer.  However, you should probably review the materials on the SocialSecurity.gov/PrescriptionHelp site first. Another thing I appreciate about this resource is that you can view the materials in different formats. In fact, it appears that you can even access it in audio form.  My mother with her poor vision would definitely appreciate that. It also seems that when you submit your application for prescription help, you can also begin applying for a potential medicare savings program that may be offered at the state level.  If you know a loved one who is concerned about their expenses and living on a fixed budget, share this information with them.  

More importantly, offer to investigate these cost savings programs for them. Remember, if you do decide to do this for them, go to the site with the .gov extension.  Simply put, socialsecurity.com/prescriptionhelp is not the official government resource being discussed here. This gesture of help will most likely be appreciated.  After all, if they are living on fixed incomes, they might not have the resources to access them on their own.  Or, they might not have the technological sophistication needed at their age to apply online.  I feel it is important to give back whenever I can.  Helping people get the assistance they need is just one way to accomplish that goal.

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