Www.SkipAYear.com – Skip A Year Mortgage Sweepstakes – Quicken Loans

Www.SkipAYear.com – Skip A Year Mortgage Sweepstakes – Quicken Loans

You could potentially get your mortgage paid for a year if you enter the www.skipayear.com sweepstakes and win it.  There are many home owners who would love to skip paying their mortgage for a year. In fact, the possible uses of your saved money are endless.  You might use the saved money to pay down your mortgage or pay other expenses.  If you are like me, I would use the money I saved from not having to pay my home mortgage for a year to take a long vacation.  In addition, I would want to include a stop on my trip to see car #39.  This Quicken Loans sponsored car would be fun to see in action.  If you would like to participate in this sweepstakes, you should first begin by reading the rules and requirements to establish your eligibility.  The Skip A Year Mortgage Sweepstakes official rules can be found on the bottom of their entry page.  The good news is that there is no purchase required. Furthermore, making a purchase from quicken loans will also not increase your odds of winning the contest. However, it appears you cannot win if you are not  eighteen years of age.  Also, you need to be a legal resident  in the District of Columbia or one of the fifty United States.  

In addition to potentially earning your mortgage paid for a year up to $30,000, there appears to be other great prizes too.  If you would like to win the Quicken Loans sweepstakes, you should visit the www.skipayear.com page to enter.  The process is easy.  Upon visiting the page, you will be asked for you email address.  I quickly entered mine in the box where requested and submitted my response. You are then taken to another screen where you provide pertinent information.  For example, I supplied my first and last name.  I also confirmed my email address and provided the Quicken Loans Skip A Year Mortgage Sweepstakes entry form with my address, including state and zip code.  One of the things I liked is that the entry form provided me with opportunities to receive emails from them about offers and tips. I like learning about new information, so I naturally opted in.  If you don’t want to opt in, you can opt yourself out.  They also asked me if I wanted to receive promotional offers from another entity as well.  Finally, they had me verify that eligibility information I shared with you earlier.  You need to be truthful in your response.  After all, what good would it be entering and winning the sweepstakes when you can’t collect the prize due to the skip-a-year sweepstake rules. 

On a portion of the entry form for the Quicken Loans Skip A Year sweepstakes, they even ask you if you would like to have one of their representatives contact you.  If you are thinking about refinancing, you might want to make it known in this box. If you don’t want to be contacted, you can tell them no.  Finally, I entered what appeared some security processing number and I submitted my entry.  I was so excited to learn I had earned one entry.  I feel lucky and hope that I win my mortgage paid for a year sweepstakes.  I had to laugh because the total amount of the mortgage payment for the year appeared to be $30,000.  My total payments for the year would be far below that.  I’m going to do some research to see if you get to keep the difference if yours is well below that.  A person who has that large of payment must have a beautiful home. 

In addition to feeling good about getting an entry in for the skip a year mortgage sweepstakes sponsored by Quicken Loans, I learned that you could earn addition entries.  Yes, if you complete the entry process on the skipayear.com page, you are taken to another screen that shows you how to earn additional entries.  I like the fact that I can increase my odds of winning a little bit.  After all, if I have more than one entry into the sweepstakes, I theoretically have a little better chance. One of the ways you can earn an entry is by telling a friend it appears.  I have lots of friends that would like to win the Quicken Loans Skip A Year Mortgage sweepstakes, so I know I can potentially earn at least one more entry.

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