Www.ShopYourWay.com/rewards – Shop Your Way Rewards – Sign In and Get Rewarded

Www.ShopYourWay.com/rewards – Shop Your Way Rewards – Sign In and Get Rewarded

There are so many awards that await you at the official site www.shopyourway.com/rewards.  Go ahead and sign in and check out all the ways you can get rewarded.  It’s simply and enjoyable.  You know you are going to shop at your favorite stores like Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, mygofer, and the great indoors, so why not get rewarded for something you are already doing.  It’s easy to get points and points translate into great rewards.  All you need to do is to shop at the above noted stores.  You can shop in person or you can shop them online.   You then earn at least 10 points if you spend a dollar.  Obviously, if you buy a new set of  tires for $100, you will earn more points than a $25 shirt.  Then when you have accrued points you can use them to lower the cost of your purchase at the checkout corner. In other words, depending on how many points you apply to your purchase, the more you will save.  It’s easy to save and fun to rack up the points.  Of course, there are rules and restrictions that guide this entire program. As a result, read all rules and regulations to make sure you are in compliance and to ensure you understand how the rewards program works.

In addition to earning points that can reduce your overall bill at the checkout counter, you can also meet other fellow shoppers to swap advice and make new friends.  There are other great things that the official site www.shopyourway.com/rewards can do for you.  Also, when you sign up and login, you can earn badges.  How fun is that.  When you do reviews and give your personal recommendations, you get a new badge.  Another great feature I enjoy is the ability to follow your favorite top brands to get the latest news and specials.  We all love a great deal and this is a way to know when a special is going to happen on your favorite brands.

Another thing you can do on www.shopyourwayrewards.com is to create a catalog of your wishlists. The best part of this is that they make it easy to share.  Who knows then your loved ones or friends might shop at Sears or Kmart and buy you what is on your list.  It’s also a great way to surprise someone because if you see their list, you can get them something they really want when they least expect it.  That is just another benefit of the shop your way rewards from retailers like Sears and Lands’ End.  Also be sure to check out the other perks that accompany this dynamic promotion.

One of the great advantages is the eReceipts program.  It is a way to get exclusive offers sent directly to your inbox.  Who doesn’t like to have a special deal waiting for them in the mailbox.  Also, you can learn how to get the VIP treatment on the official page www.shopyourway.com/rewards.  Who doesn’t want to be treated like a very important person?  Find out how you can get vip status to earn more rewarding points.  They even have a mobile app for this website as well, so you can take it on your shopping spree.

If you have a Sears charge card you can even earn additional points when you make purchases on your card.  They also have a President’s Day sale that you might want to read up on if you are a bonus member.  I always save money by waiting to make my purchases on a major holiday.  Simply stated, most big stores have sales then.  As a result, if you wait to buy on a sale day, you can keep more money in your pocket.  The best part of the show your way rewards program is that this program is connected to the best stores around. I always know that I am getting quality products.  I also know that even if I don’t buy an item on sale, I’m still getting great value.  Now with points for all my dollars spent, I feel even better about making purchases at Kmart and Sears.  Don’t miss out.  Sign up or sign in to start racking up your reward points.  Like me, you will be glad you did.

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