Www.shell.us/giftcard – Balance Check or Refill My Shell Bucks Gift Card

Www.shell.us/giftcard – Balance Check or Refill My Shell Bucks Card

Check your Shell gift card balance to know how much gas you can add to your tank at shell.us/giftcard.  You can also refill your My Shell Bucks card on line.  Either option makes for a great gift or as a subtle way to help out a friend who might have a hard time filling up the gas tank.  With gas prices hovering around four dollars, there are many people who need help.  I can’t think of a better way to surprise a friend.  The cards are beautiful and they give you something that you can really use.  Knowing you are at the Shell gasoline station filling up and you are not paying is a wonderful scenario.  How can one not smile when in that exact situation?  In addition to checking the balance, you can also use the station locator to find one nearby.  This feature is very important if you have a card and you find yourself in a city that is unfamiliar to you.  With this locator, you can find the nearest Shell Station to use your gift card to fill up.  In fact, it should be very easy to find a Shell Gas Station near you, as there are over 14,000 of them in the United States of America.

One thing that you might not be aware of is that you can use your Shell giftcard for more than gas purchases.  According to the official page www.shell.us/giftcard, it appears you can also use that card to purchase select items inside the station.  The other great way to check your remaining balance is to look at the receipt from the last time you used to your gift card.  There, you should be able to see the balance available on your receipt.  You can purchase Shell gift cards at numerous retailers and they make for great gifts including birthdays and farewells.  They even provide you with a toll free number to talk to a representative too.

One idea you might not have thought of is to use the gift cards for your business.  If you have a fleet of cars, you might control your gas expenses by giving your employees who need to fill up, a prepaid Shell gift card.  It is noted that a Shell station is within approximately five miles of over 80% of United States residents. That means your employees who might be using these cards should be able to find a nearby station when they need one. Also, you know that Shell is a quality company with quality products.  As a result, you could feel good knowing that your company is fueled by Shell gasoline.  If you need to check the balance of cards, use the address noted above.  You will not be able to check your balance via www.shell.com/giftcard as this specific page does not allow you to check your current card balance.

You should know that the ability to pay at the pump with your Shell gift card might not be possible if you have less than one dollar on your card. That is good information to know, along with your remaining balance.  To read about this, you can review this matter and learn about other cards on the www.shell.us/giftcard site. Knowing you have gas money in your pocket in the form of a gift card as you go down the road gives you a secure feeling.  I give them to all my family members who drive and tell them to keep it in the glove compartment for emergencies.  Knowing you have that in there, should you run into a low fuel situation, is important.  I would encourage you to buy them and give them to your loved ones for the same reason. They will probably love the cards, but you will feel more secure about their well being.

The shell.us giftcard is an ideal present for anyone who has to fill up their gas tank on a regular basis.  Not only is it a great gift, it is easy to know how much is actually left on the card after use. You can easily check the shell gift card balance online in a matter of seconds.  You might also be interested in a my Shell bucks card.  That makes a great gift too and you can refill that card once the balance starts to get low.  You might also want to spend some time reading about the company.  They have an impressive history you might enjoy.

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