Www.SeriousSkinCare.com – Serious Skin Care – Join Beauty Club and Get Free Samples

Www.SeriousSkinCare.com – Serious Skin Care Website – Join Beauty Club and Get Free Sample Products

If you have used Serious Skin Care, then you can join the Serious Skin Care Beauty Club at the official website at www.seriousskincare.com. You will learn about the latest skin care and you will get to try new products for free. You will get free samples. I usually watch the shows on the Home Shopping Network or HSN and I am always amazed at what the products can do. It is great when you can find out what the skincare does.

There are a lot of kits that you can get if you watch the Serious Skincare products on TV. The price of kits is a lot better than if you buy the products separately. Sometimes you can get to see world launches on TV. This is really great as it means that you get to see the product for the first time and you get to see how the product works and what the benefits of the products are. I usually enjoy watching this as you get to see the cutting edge products and how they can benefit you.

You can also get product information if you go to the actual Serious Skincare website at www.seriousskincare.com. However, reading about the product is not as powerful as watching the product described and seeing how to use the product. You will also get what is known as Flex pays if you buy on TV. What this means is that you can pay in monthly installments. You can spread the payments 3, 4 or 5 months. This really makes the products affordable.

You can also get product kits on the website. However, there is no price installments, so this means that you have to pay up front. My suggestion is to watch it on TV and then if you wish to purchase online, you can do so. I used to use the SuperMel C Antioxidant products and they were great. There are many people who swear by the product and use it constantly. My only problem is that I always hit a plateau. I would suggest that you mix the products so that you do not hit that plateau. The products work great for a while and then do not do anything for me. Of course that is just me. I have to keep switching to other products. However, they are the number one line of skin care on HSN. So if you believe in the product, then you should get them.

Many of the hosts on the show use the products and swear by the products. I do admit that some of the kits are amazing. The Power of A Kit seems like something that you might want to start with. Of course I am watching these products on TV. They may be offered in different kits at the website. The skin detailer sounds awesome. There are also deals of the day at the website. These are sold at great prices and expire at the end of the day. You can save 50% or more depending on the product or the deal. So do check it out.

If you want to join the Beauty Club, all you need to do is enter your First Name, your Last Name, your address, your city, your state, your zip, your country, your email address, your birthdate and your cell phone. When you join the Beauty Club, you will get Serious Points. The points can be used or redeemed for your purchases. All you have to do is register by entering the information mentioned and then you will get 1 point for every $1 that you spend on Serious Skincare.

You will be able to check your status online at any time. You will also be able to check your order history. If you have bought any products, you will be able to track your order. In addition, you will also get weekly emails that tell you about any promotions including the ones on HSN. So you will know faster this way. You will also get a chance to test out the products for free. This means that you get the free samples. There are also double point days and triple point days. This means that on those days, whatever you buy will double or triple your points.  There are also free shipping events that you can take advantage of. I think the best thing of being in the Beauty Club is that you will get 25 Serious Points on your birthday. How fun is that. So if you have not already, do join now.

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