Www.SCTaxSett.com – Dell Service Contract Sales Tax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SCTaxSett.com – Dell Service Contract Sales Tax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Dell Service Contract Sales Tax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is also known as the Mohan et al. v. Dell, Inc. et al. Class Action. The reason for this was because did not charge correctly the California use tax when customers bought some of the Optional Service Contracts. So if you bought one or more of the Optional Service Contracts from April 8, 1999 to June 30, 2008, you can take part and get some compensation. You must have these contracts for Dell computer hardware and you actually paid California taxes on the purchase of the contract.

There are actually two settlements that have been reached. The first is the Dell Settlement and the second is the SBE Settlement. You have to make sure that you know which one you will be getting a refund from. You can get refunds from just one or both of them. However in order to get the compensation, you must submit a claim form which you can obtain at the www.SCTaxSett.com site. The deadline to do this is May 29, 2013. This is an important date to remember so make sure that you do not miss this deadline. Also make sure that you read the eligibility requirements  for each as they have different criteria. You have to file separate claims if you are eligible to get refunds from both.

If you got the notice in the mail, then you are definitely eligible. However if you did not receive anything in the mail, do not despair. You may still be eligible. Dell just may have the wrong address or you may have moved since your purchase from Dell. So make sure that you get detailed information at the www.SCTaxSett.com site. Find out which one you are eligible for and submit a claim form for that. Do not get the two confused. There are specific details for each one there.

You have to realize that although the two settlements may look similar, there are differences that you need to be aware of. For one, there is no interest paid on the Dell Settlement transactions. Also, the Dell Electronic Claim Form is easier to fill out than the SBE Electronic Claim form.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that if you owe the State of California taxes, then the amount you receive will go toward paying off that debt first. No matter which one you are eligible for, you will not have to get your attorneys to represent you. The court has appointed the Louderback Law Group to help you in this regard. So basically they are your attorneys and you can consult with them at any time either by writing to them or by calling them. Both of these information is provided to you on the settlement website

So you next big question could be how much you would get. A lot of people look for this answer first before they start filling out the paperwork. This is because sometimes, the amount that you can get is not worth the effort you have to put in in filling out the claim form. In this case the tax overpayment could be anywhere between $3 to $30. So make sure what you are eligible for. If it is just $3, I do not think it is worth your while to fill out the contract. I definitely would not go to the trouble of filling out the form for that amount.

My suggestion to you if you are only eligible to get $3, is to exclude yourself from the Dell Service Contract Sales Tax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. This is because when you do this, you will be legally free to either sue the company yourself or take part in other cases that may get you more money. If you do this however, make sure you exclude yourself from both and not just one. The deadline to do this is March 19, 2013. Make sure that submit them before this deadline. Otherwise it will not be considered valid and you will lose out.

If you did not receive anything in the mail and would like to participate, then you will need to contact the Claims Assistance line. You will have to give them detailed information about your purchase. This information will include the date that you bought your computer, the item that you bought, the billing information, the shipping information, and lots more. So be prepared with as much information as you can gather. After getting this information, the claims assistance staff will give you a claim number. You will use this number to file your claims.

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