Www.SCBAClass.com – Second Chance Body Armor Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SCBAClass.com – Second Chance Body Armor Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Second Chance Body Armor Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is about the bullet proof vests sold by Second Chance. These vests must have the fiber Zylon. These vests were actually not fit for what they were made for and were of poor quality to say the least. When the lawsuit was filed, the company filed for bankruptcy. As a consequence all the assets of the company was liquidated. So this means that you can still file your claim if you wish to take part. You will be able to get the claim form at the settlement website at www.SCBAClass.com. You can either print the form or you can submit it online. The choice is yours. If you wish to print it and submit it via regular mail, you have to send it to an address provided for you at the website.

If you are eligible to take part in the Second Chance Body Armor Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you will get up to $750 per vest. However, there is not much money to pay you from the assets. So make sure you file your claim early. The Second Chance Bankruptcy also has to approve the claim before you will get anything from it. If you have questions about the settlement you can go to the website at www.SCBAClass.com. You will find an FAQ which will provide you with most of the answers you are seeking. This link can be found on the left.

You can find answers to questions like why the case is in the bankruptcy court. The company actually went into bankruptcy in 2004. The claim is worth $113,208,750. This is how they came up with the $750 amount. The claims will be paid in full because there is not much money in the estate. So if you are wondering if you can get a part of this money, you can if you bought the Second Chance Bullet Proof Vest that had Zylon. You must also live in the United States in order to eligible to get this claim.

If you have already filed your own separately claim against the company, then you cannot take part in this settlement. If you are confused and do not know if you are still considered a part of this claim, there is a toll free number at the website that you can call. There was another settlement in Oklahoma called the Oklahoma Settlement.  So if you had anything to do with the prior case, you may find out if you are eligible to take part in this.

So if the settlement is approved, the amount you get will depend on the number of valid claims that are filed. Also you will not get as much if someone else paid for your vest. You also need to be aware that this is different from the Oklahoma Settlement which happened in 2005. In that settlement those who filed claims got to choose whether they wanted cash, replacement vests or a voucher. If you filed for that and you got your compensation, you are still eligible to take part in this one. You are eligible as long as whatever form of payment you received did not cover the full purchase price of your vest. So please make sure that you fill out the claim form too.

There are lawyers that you can contact if you have any further questions that were not answered in the FAQ. The FAQ is pretty detailed and explains most of the common questions that you may have. If you have a unique question, then you can ask the lawyers that. The law firm that has been appointed by the Court to help you out is Kanner & Whiteley, LLC and Silverman & Morris, P.L.L.C.  I would suggest that you contact them if you have anything you are not sure about. After all, you do not have to pay these lawyers. They will be paid in full from the settlement amount. If you decide to do nothing, i.e. you do not file a claim form, then you will get nothing. If you want to know when your payments have been processed, you can register online at the website.

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