Www.SaccoccioSettlementInfo.com – JP Morgan Hazard Lender-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.SaccoccioSettlementInfo.com – JP Morgan Hazard Lender-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

You may be able to take part and get something if you are eligible. Eligibility means that you were one of the people who JPMorgan Chase Bank or the Home Finance or the Insurance Agency charged you at any time from January 1, 2008 to October 4, 2013. This charge must be for a hazard lender placed insurance or LPI policy. The policy should be for a residential or home mortgage. It could also be for a home equity loan or a line of credit..You will have to submit a valid form in order to get 12.5% partial refund. This will be on the net premium that you paid. You will get a share of the $300 million which constitutes the settlement fund. You will be able to find out how to participate at the www.saccocciosettlementinfo.com site

If you do not want to take part, you can also opt out. You will have to do this by January 15, 2014. Information on how you can do this can be found on the notice. You may have received a copy of the notice in the mail or you can get a copy online. The notice will also provide you with informaiton on the lawsuit itself. The fairness hearing will be held on February 14, 2014. It is a little bit difficult to figure out what this case is about and for you to figure out whether you qualify to get anything. The best thing to do is to review the FAQ at the www.saccocciosettlementinfo.com site.

Let me see if I can explain this better. Well you should have received Basically it means that your hazard insurance policy for your home lapsed.. As a result, Chase issued you what is known as the hazard lender placed insurance policy. You were charged the premium for this policy within the time limit mentioned above. One way to know for sure that you can take part is if you got a notice in the mail. This is because Chase bank looked at its records to find out who had paid. If you feel that you paid but did not get anything in the mail, you can contact the settlement administrator. You will then be able to ascertain if you can take part by filling out the claim form. If you do not want to go to the trouble of contacting the settlement administrator, you can also just send in the form. The settlement administrator will review your form and will let you know if you are eligible. If you are not then you will be informed.

The lawsuit in the  JP Morgan Hazard Lender-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Settlement case is known as Saccoccio v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. The case number is 13-cv-21107-FAM. The defendants in this case are numerous. Besides the ones that I mentioned above, also included are American Security Insurance Company, Standard Guaranty Insurance Company, Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company and a few more. You can get the full information online at the official site. If you had a policy with any of them outside of the time frame mentioned, you are not eligible to take part.

To find out the actual terms of the settlement, you can look at the settlement agreement. You can have access to this document at the site. When you fill out the form in order to get compensation, make sure you take the time to read the instructions. I know that I can get very impatient at times and so I usually end up filling in the form without reading all the directions or instructions. This can be problematic in this case because if you fill out the form incorrectly, then you will not get anything because the form will be considered not valid. You do not want to be in the position where you are expecting some money and nothing comes your way. So it is okay to slow down here and read everything twice or three times before you fill it out. And if you are not sure about anything, you can pick up the phone and call the settlement administrator. You can also call the class counsel if you would rather speak with an attorney.

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