Www.RedVines.com/Rewards – Red Vines Rewards – Enter Code

Www.RedVines.com/Rewards – Red Vines Rewards – Enter Code

Enter your Red Vines code for your chance to win great prizes on www.RedVines.com/Rewards.  You probably reward yourself with the great taste of Red Vines, so why not reward yourself by entering the code that appears on your specially marked package to see if you could possibly win. The good news is that you can also enter without purchase. Just look on the official Red Vines Rewards page to learn more.  Because I love Red Vines and buy them frequently for a tasty treat, I had packages with codes on the inside.  For example, if you have a special Red Vines reward package tray variety, I would assume you would find it on the inside, bottom portion of the tray like I did.  It’s not hard to find it.  You do have to remove the candy to see it.  I just eat them all until I can see the code. In addition to the great taste, I also love this as a special treat because a serving size is in essence fat free.  Thus, when I have a choice between a snack for me that has lots of fat or something I enjoy that doesn’t, you know that I am always go with the one that has less fat like my favorite Red Vines. 

The opportunity to win is just an added bonus for me.  If you want your chance to the win, the red vines rewards enter code process is easy.  Utilize the www.redvines.com/rewards page to register.  It was very simple for me.  Simply put, as I recall, I input my name, email address, and age and I was then ready to enter my code after registering.  I entered my code from the inside of my Red Vines box and earned a point. By registering, it appeared that I was entered for a prize drawing.  They also have ways to earn more points by getting your friends to register too.  Be sure you follow the necessary steps to earn your points for getting friends to register.  The terms and conditions are spelled out in the official rules for this sweepstakes which you can find via the aforementioned web resource. 

If you are like me, you find yourself eating Red Vines all the time.  I always have to have them when I am watching a movie or doing work around the house.  They just seem to make the mundane activities seem much better to me.  If you haven’t ever tried them before, I think you will like red twists better than red licorice you are currently eating. For me, I like Red Vines because they aren’t hard like other products I have tried.  Another thing I like to do is put Red Vines on my office desk in those big jars.  I think that makes me very popular, as people are always stopping by to get a few.  I must admit that there are days when I have missed lunch and have been glad I had those to snack on.   And now with the new RedVines.com Rewards codes to enter, I might just win something if I am lucky. They also appear to have weekly drawings, so make sure you collect your Red Vines codes and enter them to potentially win. 

 One reason Red Vines have been a family favorite is because all my young ones love them.  I have found it is a great way to get them to do chores.  Also, they like the potential opportunity to enter the codes on the Red Vines Rewards page.  If you would like to enter your Red Vines Rewards code or if you just want to learn a little more, just visit the redvines.com/rewards site.  Be sure while you are there to check out some of the great prizes you could conceivably win.  For example, it seems you can win Red Vines branded items and even the product itself. While the grand prize listed would be nice, I think I would love Red Vines candy for a year.  I would be in pure heaven. My young ones and significant other would also enjoy that too.  Another great prize is the gift pack that is for movie night.  Another reason why I love this candy is because it makes a great gift.  If you ever need to get someone a cheer me up gift or a little thank you, I know exactly what to get.  It always puts a smile on their face and brightens their day.  It is the little things that make a big difference.  Also, I usually get offered a few twists when I give a package to someone.  Hence, it is a win-win for me.  If you do plan on giving someone a tray or a big jar, be sure to attach a note if you got them one with an entry code on the inside of it.  That way, it will serve as a reminder to enter their code into the Red Vines Rewards page for their chance to win.

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