Www.RedIsWrong.com – Red Is Wrong – Rosacea Treatment Option

Www.RedIsWrong.com – Red Is Wrong – Rosacea Treatment Option

Are you looking in the mirror and seeing a red face staring back at you?  If so, you might want to visit RedIsWrong.com to learn more about a condition known as Rosacea.  Rosacea can be a very difficult to live with.  If you suffer with the redness around your face you know what I mean.  It starts with people telling you that you got a lot of sun.  However, you know that you haven’t been out in it for days.  Then, on the cold cloudy days, people ask you if you had a good time skiing over the weekend.  At first you are perplexed by this question.  However, you finally start to realize that just because your skin is flushing, people think it is wind burn.  What started as a little hint of pink is not a full red.  It is terribly unsettling and you want nothing more for it to go away.  Some of my friends who have Rosacea call it the red mask.  Thus, if you saw the ad for the Red Is Wrong commercial, you immediately knew what that was all about.  However, many people have never heard of Rosacea. Yet, those of us who have it just keep asking is there a cure for Rosacea in the hopes that one has been found. 

Unfortunately, having had Rosacea for a while, I have yet to find a Rosacea cure, but I am always on the lookout for new products.  I have personally tried a lot of things many years ago when I was a lot younger.  When I tried them over 15 years ago, I was a bit more vain and was hoping that my redness would immediately go away.  But after a couple of years of trying different things such as creams and pills, I gave up and just dealt with it.  It did get slowly worse over time, but I didn’t let it bother me.   However, I know that Rosacea bothers some people more than others.  I thought I would never worry about my red cheeks and nose again until I saw a picture of myself that a friend took at a party.  I didn’t know how noticeable it was.  It was like I had been baking out in the sun with sunglasses on for the entire day.  At first, I thought it was just a bad picture.  I told myself that the flash exemplified my condition and it wasn’t really that bad.  However, I saw a few more pictures from other recent events and my worst nightmare was true.  My rosacea had gotten worse, dramatically so.   I guess the slight changes from month to month I never noticed before.   When I was sharing my story with a friend, they told me to investigate new Rosacea treatments that might have come out after I stopped looking for help.  In fact, one friend suggested I visit the www.rediswrong.com site to learn more. 

That site not only taught me some things I didn’t know about rosacea, but the red is wrong site referred me to another page that had a treatment option that I look forward discussing with my doctor.  It was called Mirvaso if I recall correctly.  I was happy to learn that new products exist since the last time I visited a doctor to talk about Rosacea.  I would encourage you to review the details on both sides to learn more and then make an appointment with your doctor to discuss if this or another Rosacea treatment might be good for you.  I can’t wait to make my appointment and try something new.  I would love to have normal looking skin again.  It’s sad because I never let my skin condition impact my social life.Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.  

My rosacea makes me self conscious and I find myself turning down invites.  Thus, I want to take action and do something about it.  The Mirvaso reviews I have read on line seem to be very positive and that got me excited about talking about it with my doctor.  I was especially amazed at some of the potential Rosacea triggers noted on the rediswrong.com page. Seeing those made me realize that I was constantly exposing myself to one of those, if not two or more each day.  I have started wearing concealer to hide my red nose and my red cheeks, but I feel like that only makes my condition worse for me when I take it off.  It is as if I am in a no-win situation.  If you feel the same way I do, visit the red is wrong site and make an appointment to discuss treatment options with your doctor.  I hope that I am able to reverse my redness and take beautiful pictures once again.

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