Www.QuickenLoansBracket.com – Enter To Win A Billion Dollars

Www.QuickenLoansBracket.com – Enter To Win A Billion Dollars

You could win a billion dollars by entering the www.QuickenLoansBracket.com challenge.  There are also first prizes that you could win if you don’t win the grand prize.  The contest will be so much fun if you like basketball, because you have to pick a perfect bracket for the upcoming basketball games.  If you think you are good at that, then let the madness begin and give it your best shot.  From what I understand, only a certain amount of people can enter this Quicken Loans Bracket contest and be eligible for the chance at a billion dollars.  Thus, don’t lose out and get your entry in as soon as possible.  I like to think I’m good at picking brackets, but I never get them all right.  However, if there was ever a time to get them right, now is that time. Can you imagine getting all that money.  I wouldn’t even know how to spend it.  I have a lot of great ideas, but I probably wouldn’t have enough time in my life to go through it all.  How would you spend it if you picked the perfect bracket.  Hopefully, one of us will get a chance to find out.

So put your thinking cap on and get ready to determine the best teams for your bracket.  Study them carefully and then head on over to the www.quickenloansbracket.com site to learn more.  I would encourage you to read the rules carefully to make sure that your entry is eligible and that you know all the rules.  I would be devastated if I picked the perfect bracket, but found out after the fact that I was ineligible.  I have heard of stories like that before.  In fact, recently I heard one person entered a contest to shoot a shot from center court for a large amount of money.  From what I understand, the person made the shot.  However, the rules stated that the participant could not have played basketball in some capacity.  Unfortunately, from what I understand, the person in question had violated this rule, so that he was not eligible for the prize.  I would imagine that there are all kinds of stories like that.  So please read over the rules to ensure your eligibility and also to ensure you follow the rules and procedures exactly.  You don’t want to have a moment where you are saying I wish I had done this correctly or that in the right manner.  I don’t know how someone could live with a billion dollar mistake.

When my friend told me about the Quicken Loans Bracket contest, I didn’t believe him.  I corrected him and said you mean a million dollars.  He corrected me and said it is a billion.  I was in disbelief.  But I read the rules and it is true.  As a result, I have taken to tell everyone I know about this opportunity.   When I told my father-in law, he was ecstatic.  He wanted to know everything about the billion dollar bracket contest so he could enter. So review the quicken loans bracket rules and get entered if eligible.  So often my friends and co-workers create competing brackets.  However, we all now want to focus one winning the billion dollar contest.  As one of my friends joked.  Who cares about 50 dollars in the office pool, when I could win enough for many life times from the Quicken Loans basketball challenge.

When I usually complete my march basketball bracket, I usually use one of two strategies.  If my favorite team is playing, I just advance them all the way through to the championship game and pick them as the winner.  I won once doing that.  It was exciting.   I didn’t do so well picking other teams along the way, but since I was the only one who got the overall winner correct, I won. The other strategy that I tried was to study all of the teams.  I Looked at the basketball stats, advantages, and disadvantages for all the teams playing.  Then, based on that research, I would choose winners and losers.  I would put a lot of time in to that approach, but I never did well with that approach.  There always seemed to be a big upset along the way that would turn my bracket upside down.  However, this time I plan on just randomly picking winners in losers.  I’m putting the competing teams in a hat and drawing out who will win and advance.  Yes, it will be all luck, but I think that approach will be better than any other bracket I did in the past.  The funny think is I would hate to admit that is how I won.  I’d like people to think I was skilled at assessing basketball.  If you think you are good at picking winners and losers during the madness of march, fill a tournament bracket for yourself.   Explore all the rules to enter via the www. quickenloansbracket.com page.  You might win and have more money than you ever dreamed.

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www. quickenloansbracket.com

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