Www.PopchipsSettlement.com – Popchips Snack Products Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.PopchipsSettlement.com – Popchips Snack Products Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Popchips violated state laws when it marketed its snack products. These products were erroneously marketed as healthy and natural. You may be considered a class member if you purchased the product that had the “popchips” name on it and you were in the United States when you bought it. The time period covered is anywhere from January 1, 2007 and November 14, 2013. If you would like to find out exactly which products are included, you will have to go to the www.PopchipsSettlement.com site to find out. There is a list of the products there.

You will get money if you take part. How much money you will get depends on how many snack products that you bought. You will have a choice of either getting money or a voucher. The settlement amount is $2.4 million. Out of that amount, up to $2.1 million will be set aside as a fund for the monetary awards. Up to $300,000  will be set aside for the vouchers. If you decide to go for the cash option, you will get $1 per snack that you bought. It does not matter what size the product was. You can claim up to 10 bags. When you make this claim, you will have to mention the name of the stores that you bought the product from. You must also state the city and state where you bought the products. If you decide to go for the vouchers, then you will get 2 vouchers for each product. Each voucher will be worth $1. Again, it does not matter what size the snacks are. The maximum is up to 10 products. If you choose vouchers, you must also state the stores that you bought the product from and also the city and state. You must file by July 7, 2014 in order to be eligible. You can go to the www.PopchipsSettlement.com site to find out about your other legal rights.

Another one of the legal rights that many people consider is their right to get out of the Popchips Snack Products Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. There are many people who do not want the cash or vouchers offered. They would rather take themselves out so that they can take part in other lawsuits against the company for the same issue or sue the company themselves. There is no guarantee that you will get more money by doing this. However if you do not like the amount being offered in this case then you can certainly try. For me, this would be a hassle. I would rather just take the money. In order to exclude yourself, you will have to get this done by February 21, 2014 at the latest.

The worst thing that you can do is to do nothing at all. This would mean that you will not get any money and you will also be bound by the case so that you will not be able bring your own lawsuit against the company. So you actually lose out. The settlement has not received final approval yet. Final approval may be given during the Fairness Hearing. This will be held on March 13, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. And this will be in Kansas City, Missouri. However, if you plan to go, you should check the website when the time is near to make sure that the date and time have not changed. Many times, the dates and times of approval hearings such as this may be changed without notice. So if you are planning on driving and you live far away, make sure that you have the date and time right.

If you want updates there is also a toll free number that you can call. This will most probably go to the settlement administrator. You can use this number to also call to get more information. Sometimes reading all the legalese in the notice you may have received can be confusing. Especially if this is your first case of this kind. You may not know what to do. So contacting the settlement administrator can help you with your questions. The best thing to do is to call. You can write of course but who does that these days? Most people would just call. Sometimes an email address is provided. I did not see on in this case.

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