Www.PlumbingFittingSettlement.com – Zurn Pipe Fittings Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.PlumbingFittingSettlement.com – Zurn Pipe Fittings Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you own a home or a property and you have Zurn plumbing systems in your home or your property that is defective, you will be able to take part in the Zurn Pipe Fittings Class Action Lawsuit Settlement which can be found at the www.PlumbingFittingSettlement.com site. The time period covered by this is between 1996 to 2010. Fitting leaks, occlusion and corrosion are covered.

The Zurn Pipe Fittings Class Action Lawsuit Settlement has been preliminarily approved and a notice will be sent out to all those who are eligible to take part. However, please be aware that even though you do not get a notice in the mail, you will be abel to participate if you own a home or a property that has the defective plumbing. There is a settlement fund that has been established that will allow you to get payment for the repair of the damaged or defective plumbing. You will also be able to get payment for the replacement of the said plumbing fittings which is F1807. You can find out how to get paid at the www.PlumbingFittingSettlement.com settlement site.

In order to be eligible to get compensation in this case, you must also have had a leak due to corrosion or you should have had a problem with water flow due to the corrosion of the F1807 fittings that were made by Zurn. There should be differential in the water flow that needs to be demonstrated. Usually you can submit your claim form online. However this is not the case here. This is because you will have to download the claim form and submit if via first class U.S. mail to the address provided at the settlement website. You also will not be able to submit this via the phone. Please let the Claims Administrator know of any changes in your address. This is so that you will be able to get your check in the mail. If the wrong address is on file, then the check will be mailed to that address. So this is really important.

You can also get a claim form by calling the Claims Administrator. The form will then be mailed to you at the address that you provide. Before sending off the form, make sure that you sign it. When you sign it, you are saying that everything that you have provided in the claim form is true. You can be persecuted for criminal offense if you lie and put in wrong information just because you want to get some kind of payment. So make sure that you are truthful and that you provide the proper documentation that is required.

Also know that there will not be any payments that are given out until the final court approval. This could be in either 2013 or 2014. Yes, it will take that long. The amount of the funds will be $20 million. You will be paid out of this amount. The claims will be paid over a seven year period. This is rather unusual. So what happens here is that if you make a claim and it exceeds the cap for that year, then the amount that was over the limit will be paid the following year. So basically you do not lose.

Not everyone will get the same amount of payment. This is because what you get will depend on a number of factors. One of them is of course the amount of leaks that you had to repair or replace the parts. The second is how many properties you own that have the fittings that have leaked. So in order to make sure that everyone gets paid, the initial claims that are received will not be paid 100%. Only 60% will be paid. After that the class counsel will ask for more payments from the court to cover the rest of the payments. If there are more claims than expected, than the class members may be paid even less than 60% initially. So be prepared for that.

If you do not want to take part, then you have to take action. You will have to submit a request to do this in writing to the claims administrator. The detailed information on how to do this is provided at the settlement website. Make sure you follow the information and requirement and that you meet the deadline.

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