Www.philips.com/upgrade – Philips Norelco – $20 Coupon

Www.philips.com/upgrade – Philips Norelco – $20 Coupon

Get a $20 coupon at www.philips.com/upgrade when you are looking to up grade to the new Philips Noreleco Senso Touch 3D.  You might have put off upgrading your razor, but now is the time since they offer an incredible coupon to help pay for your new one. The thing that most will enjoy about this razor in my opinion is the fact that you can shave wet or dry.  It is that flexibility that my other half will really enjoy.  There is also  a risk free trial that they are offering too. Be sure to examine the rules associated with that offer before purchasing to ensure you fully comprehend offer. To me, that shows that they stand behind their product.  As a result, you can buy the new Philips Noreleco razor with confidence.  There are also other savings available on the Philips upgrade size for other products too.  A razor makes a great gift and from my experience, the men in my life will keep using the same one they have until someone gives them a new one.  Thus, now is the perfect time with the downloadable coupon they are making available. Getting the coupon from the Philips Norelco page is easy to obtain real quickly. 

After selecting the $20 downloadable Philips coupon for the Senso Touch 3D on the official www.philips.com/upgrade site, you will be asked to provide some information.  For example, you will be asked to provide your name and email address.  In addition, they will request you share your birth date and your gender.  You will also have to agree to receive the coupon and other Philips promotional materials. I always like to receive updates on offers and news, so I look forward to seeing those in  my inbox.  If you would like to read about their policy in regard to privacy, you can also do that on the same form. You might want to also check out the other shaving products that they offer. Philips Norelco truly has an impressive line of razors to choose from.

On the Philips.com upgrade page you will also find Philips Norelco has a body shaver. Men now a days like to work out at the gym and show off their hard work.  If you have a man in your life that likes to shave his chest, you might consider getting him the shaver for body hair. Or, maybe you like to cut hair at home.  They even have a device to help you with that.  A trim can cost you money if you go to a shop to have it done; however, I save that money by cutting all the heads of hair in my household. Giving all three razors might make for a great Christmas gift bundle. Sometimes the best gifts are those that have the most practical.  And given the fact that a lot of men shave daily, this gift idea could be put to a lot of great use. I know my better half sometimes shaves twice a day.

If you would like to learn more, they even have a demo that you can access in an interactive manner on their Philips.com/upgrade page.  You can see up close such things as the materials, the display, and even the cleaner. The razor is unlike one I have ever seen.  It is sleek looking and looks revolutionary. In fact, I have never seen a razor with a display like this one before. In the past, I never bought an electric razor for my brother because he says that he only shaves wet. However, I think I will get him this new razor because it can shave both wet and dry.  It makes for a great stocking stuffer too.  My Dad always used an electric shaver when I was a kid and I was always impressed with how smooth his face was after shaving.  If I recall correctly, he always used a Norelco and never used a safety razor with shaving cream.  I’d like to see my brother continue the family tradition by using a new Philips Norelco razor.  If you would like to have a family member or friend use one, download the twenty dollar coupon that is available on the Philips upgrade page and give it as a gift.  You can save some money and it will make a wonderful holiday gift. 

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