Www.PCH.com/w78 – PCH W78 Publishers Clearing House: Are You A Cash Winner?

Www.PCH.com/w78 – PCH W78 Publishers Clearing House: Are You A Cash Winner?

Are you a winner?   You could be one of 50 Publishers Clearing House winners this year!  We all dream of the day when PCH comes to our door with one of those oversized checks, but you can’t win the sweepstakes if you don’t enter.   At www.pch.com/w78 if you complete the information requested you can enter for your chance to win.  The grand prize is $5,000.00 a week for every week of your life.  Can you imagine receiving that much money?  I wouldn’t know what to do.  To enter, you need to supply your code.  There is a help feature if you need further instruction on how to proceed.

To make sure you are eligible, you are encourage to check the deadline date.  A section titled official rules will explain terms and conditions that must be abided by.  The second step, after entering your authorization code, is to complete your registration information.  Simply put, you will be asked to supply your title, name, and address.  Before you submit this information, please read the private policy.   I like the PCH Sweepstakes because it is a name I know and trust.  I feel secure entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.  In addition to providing pertinent contact information, you can sign up to be informed about special contests.  There is even a place to sign up to learn how you can win instantly on www.pch.com/w78.  Make sure you check “yes” in the appropriate box.

The best thing about PCH is that there is no purchase to require.  Furthermore, you can rest assured that you will have an equal chance.  The rules clearly let you know that your chances of winning will not be improved if you buy something.   To see recent winners, check out the crawl at the top of the site.  If you are really lucky, you may even see your name there one day. Finally, all entrants should read the PCH sweepstakes facts section.   Some of the interesting facts you will find there include the amount of the prizes and the giveaway no. listed.  Also, the end date also appears, along with the odds of winning.   Remember, you can win if you don’t try.

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