Www.Parade.com/Numbrix – PARADE Numbrix – Play Numbrix Online For Free

Www.Parade.com/Numbrix – PARADE Numbrix – Play Numbrix Online For Free

On the Parade Numbrix  webiste you can play Numbrix for free. There is a timer that keep time. You can also pause the game. If you do not know how to proceed, you can hit the Hint button to help you. If you just can’t figure it out, you can also hit the Solve button. You an reset to start again. You can also download Numbrix on to your computer if you want to do that.

Parade offers you links to read about celebrities and about health you can also find links on different food and recipes and read the different blogs and write on them. On this site you are able to watch video footage and look at the parade magazine. You can receive coupons and perks and even play games.

If that’s not enough Parade offers links to email them at and follow them on twitter you can even add them to your Facebook page so that you always have the heads up on what is going on with celebrities and health issues. You can read all the affiliated parades like parade health, dash and fame off. You can read the different ads for the week and check out the other sites that are advertised on this site. Parade is a way to have your magazines and not have the mess of them laying down or ripping. Plus you have the luxury of going back and reading older editions.

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