Www.OneRazor.com – The Classic Safety Razor – Online Offer

Www.OneRazor.com – The Classic Safety Razor – Online Offer

This is One Razor you should try.  You can get a classic safety razor in a modern form on the www.OneRazor.com page for an incredible price.  If you have tried using multi blade razors in the past and you don’t like the cost or they are not delivering the shave you want, then the offering from Micro Touch One might be the right choice for you.  I think about all the money I have spent on my husband’s shaving needs over the years and the costs really add up.  In fact, when I buy him a jumbo pack of current razor blades, it is well above twenty five dollars.  Also, I hear him complain about his multi blade razors he is currently using.  At first, I thought it was just that he was rushed and hits the snooze alarm one too many times before getting out of bed.  Then, because he is trying to shave fast, he gets rushed and doesn’t do a good job or experiences razor burn.  That is was what I thought was happening.  However, one day I realized that his gripes about his current razor had merit.  One Saturday evening before we went out, I asked him to shave so that he would look presentable.  He did and returned bright red.  I commented that he had gotten a lot of sun earlier in the day.  He laughed and said, no that is razor burn.  

At first I said I’ll pick up some new razors for you tomorrow at the store.  He said, the blade he had was new.  This always happens he said.  I felt bad that he was suffering with this for so long.  As a result, I took it upon myself to find a better solution for his shaving needs.  That is when I found the www.onerazor.com site.  To me, it made perfect sense.  After all, I remembered my grandfather and my dad shaving with their classic safety razors.  You know I never heard them complain once.  I also remember how clean and well groomed they always looked too.  More importantly, I don’t remember my mother buying them blades as frequently as I buy multi-blade replacements for my husband’s current razor.  I think I buy him replacements every other week.  However, I remember my dad just had a little box of single blades and I believe they lasted him a good year.  He would always tell me that the secret to keeping a razor blade in good condition was keeping it dry.  I don’t know if that was true, but that is what he would always tell me.  

As result, when I saw the One Razor site, I knew this was a viable solution.  I also liked the fact that the company behind the product was one that I recognized and trusted. I even read one razor reviews online and information about Rick Harrison the spokesperson.  Overall, I was very impressed.  More importantly, I like the value.  For me, it was less then buying my other half another set of multi blade razors.  I must also admit that the product brought back memories.  As a little girl, I would watch my dad shave with his classic safety razor.  As I would talk with him, he would invariably take his brush out of his mug and dab my nose with shaving cream.  That always made me laugh and brought back wonderful memories of dad and daughter time. Perhaps, my husband can recreate those same moments with our children.  Either way, I want him to try or revisit using the classic safety razor. 

If you would like to learn more about the razor, you will want to visit the OneRazor.com page.  I really appreciate that it appears you get more than just the razor.  Simply put, it states that you also get some blades and a case too.  I can’t stress how important it is to have a case for your razor.  One time, I just put my shaving cream and my razor with the blade on it in my backpack and hit the road.  I then needed something out the bag and put my hand into it.  Unfortunately, I cut myself and was in a lot of pain.  By not having a case, I had not protected myself.  Thus, the fact that you get a case is very important to me and safety in my opinion. You can even watch on the One Razor page a video featuring Rick Harrison talking about the classic safety razor in its modern version. Even if you currently don’t have a need for a razor or razor blades, you might want to take advantage of this online offer to purchase a few for gifts.  These would be ideal gifts I believe for birthdays and holidays.  Another thing I like about the razor is how easy it appears to clean. 

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