Www.NJViolationSettlement.com – New Jersey Red Light Camera Ticket Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.NJViolationSettlement.com – New Jersey Red Light Camera Ticket Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is about red light violation. The violations are recorded by cameras in New Jersey. This should have happened before August 1, 2012. The reason for the lawsuit is that the defendants did not comply with the New Jersey Red Light Camera Statute. So if you paid a fee or a fine because of a red light violation, then you should be able to get compensation in this case. To know if you are eligible, you should have gotten a postcard in the mail. If you are eligible, you will get a payment. The payment is $8.50. This is for every violation. So how much you get depends on how much you paid in fines. You can get more information on this at the www.NJViolationSettlement.com site. The amount that you get is also dependent on the number of people who submit valid claims.

So yes, you do have to fill out the claim form in order to get the money. You can easily do this by printing out the form. This is a good first step as you would want to know what to fill out. You can look at the information and fill it out even if you plan on submitting it online. This is because by filling out the paper version then you can quickly fill out the online version. You would have all the information that you need to fill it out. Also by seeing the paper version you can know how complicated it will be for you to fill this in. Usually people do not fill out the forms because it is too complicated. This is especially true if there is not much money involved. If you can get hundreds of dollars, then it would defintitely be worth your time to fill out the form and to submit it at the www.NJViolationSettlement.com site.

You will have to fill out separate forms for each violation. So the more violations that you have the more forms you will fill out. If you want to get more information before you fill out the forms, then there is a toll free number that you can call. This will actually save you a lot of time because you do not want to fill out the forms incorrectly. A quick phone call will resolve all your issues. As usual, there are dates that you must abide by. Nothing you do will change these deadlines so if you miss the deadline, you will not be able to take the legal action that you had wanted to take.

So for now it is good to know what the dates are. The deadline for you to opt out or for you to exclude yourself from this case is August 28, 2013. The deadline for you to object to the case is also August 28, 2013. The Final Approval Hearing is going to be on September 12, 2013. If you file an objection, you do not have to attend the Final Approval Hearing. Your objection will be read at that time. If you wish to attend you may do so of course. However please make sure if you have to request permission to attend. Most of the time you do have to do that. So if you are not able to find this information on the site, then you should definitely the settlement administrator.

If you do decide that you would like to take part, then you must submit your claim by October 28, 2013. Any late submissions will not be accepted. As I mentioned earlier do print out a copy and then fill out the online version based on your responses to the paper version. This will make the process go much faster and it will be much smoother. You do not want to wait until the last moment to do this. This is because if you have to provide certain information that you may not have and may have to send out for, then you will have enough time to do so. You will need your claimant ID number  in order to file your claim online. You will be able to find this number on the postcard that you received in the mail. If you did not get the postcard and hence do not have the claimant ID number, then you will have to submit your claim via regular mail.

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