Www.NH.gov/nhes – New Hampshire Unemployment – File A Claim

Www.NH.gov/nhes – New Hampshire Unemployment – File A Claim

File a claim to get the New Hampshire Unemployment benefits you deserve via www.NH.gov/nhes.  The New Hampshire Employment Security division can help you file for NH unemployment benefits and many other things. Thus, if you are a NH claimant or if you are seeking a job, then you might find this resource beneficial. They also have interesting facts on the site about unemployment claims.  Specifically, you can see what continuing claims are and what initial numbers look like.  I was surprised to learn how many people were on New Hampshire unemployment.  In fact, there were over forty five thousand people.  Furthermore, as I understood it, the average paid per week for unemployment benefits was over two hundred and eighty dollars.  Just doing simple math, if I understand both statistics correctly, that is about twelve million six hundred thousand dollars in benefits. That is a lot of money going to people who need it.  If you are one of those people who need NH unemployment benefits, make sure you file.  When I looked into it, it appeared you had to register with the New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance system which is referred to as NHUIS.  However, the good news appears that once you have registered, you can login to access important services.  

If you are like me, you value the ability to do things like file NH unemployment claims online. Sometimes getting around can be difficult.  Thus, you should access the www.NH.gov/nhes site if you need more information.  In addition to learning about how many people were on unemployment in New Hampshire, the file a claim section also informed me about some important details of their program.  One thing that made me happy was to learn that, for the most part, the system was accessible twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Another important bit of information that everyone should be cognizant of is the fact that filing a continued claim in a timely matter was apparently intrinsic to getting a payment.  Remember, that you must provide truthful information when you file your claim for unemployment benefits.  To not do so could have bad consequences.  Before you decide to apply for NH unemployment, you might want to examine the maximum weekly benefit one could get, as well as what the minimum might be.  You might also want to know for how long you potentially could receive them. 

Another way to access NHES information that pertains to New Hampshire unemployment is by going directly to nhuis.nh.gov/claimant.  Many people are hesitant to file for unemployment because they have too much pride.  My father was one of those types. It was frustrating to see the despair on his face knowing that he did not have enough money to pay the bills.  There is no shame in filing for unemployment insurance benefits. It can be a very important support mechanism when your income source has dried up.  However, if there is no changing your mind on this subject, at least utilize their job search system that they refer to as JMS.  I feel that it is important to explore all opportunities.  More importantly, I feel the NHES helps a lot of people with this resource to help them get out of the unemployment line. 

There are many additional areas that are worthy of exploration on the NH.gov/nhes page. Fore example, they provide a list of NH Employment Security offices.  Sometimes, you might have the need to go into one in person.  Be sure you check the schedule for office hours and availability of the staff during the lunchtime period.  They also have a section dedicated to frequently asked questions.  I appreciate the fact that they spell out what unemployment insurance is.  I also like that fact that they have a question on how to file for unemployment benefits.  Losing your job and income can be a scary experience. If you have never filed for unemployment benefits in New Hampshire, you could be unfamiliar with the process.  Fortunately, the NHES does a superb job making it easy to interact with their service online.  More importantly, the aforementioned question section answered many of the questions I had about how to file for NH unemployment.  There were even questions and answers related directly to reopening a claim.  Another section on their page was dedicated to researchers. There was a lot of great information presented.  I truly appreciated the transparency of the data.  Although I’m not a researcher, it was fascinating to read about unemployment claims and about employment statistics.  By far, the most interesting, in my opinion, was the section dedicated to mass layoffs. To me, that would provide some solace that I am not the only one going through this process and I am not the only one who would ever have to file an unemployment claim.  Knowing that, I believe, makes the process a little bit easier.

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