Www.NBCOlympics.com/GoldMap – How To Get Into Winter Sports

Www.NBCOlympics.com/GoldMap – How To Get Into Winter Sports

Have you ever dreamed of being a figure skater, a luger, a ski jumper, a speed skater, a curler, or a snowboarder, but don’t know how to begin your track to competitive greatness?  If that is the case, there is good news for you.  The www.nbcolympics.com/goldmap site provides insights on how to pursue a winter sport.  If you are like me, you have watched figure skating during the Olympics for years, but never knew where to begin.  It was only a dream.  Now, the map to getting started and even success is within reach.  I like the NBC Olympics Gold Map resource because it tells people how to get involved.  With the internet so prevalent and kids being so computer savvy, I believe we are building our next Olympic team as I write this.  I really applaud what NBC is doing with this site.  It provides opportunities for people to explore a winter sport that enthralls them.  I know for a fact that if my brother knew how to get involved in luge, he would have been a competitor for many years of his life.  For us, it just seemed a mystery.  We would watch the Olympics and see lots of people win from cold places that had snow most of the year.  As a result, we just assumed you had to live in a place like that for you to be a winter sports competitor.  However, since we didn’t live in Alaska, we thought it wasn’t possible.  

Yes, back then we were naive, but we were kids.  Had we had such a resource as www.NbcOlympics.com/goldmap page at our disposal, our life paths might have been different.  I wouldn’t have probably played tennis and he wouldn’t have played football.  However, we did what was familiar and readily available to us. I don’t know if I would have ever been an Olympic figure skater, but it would have been fun to try.  Because I didn’t think it was an option, I never expressed my interest to my mother.  Had I known that there were potential opportunities, I would have mentioned my desire to figure skate to parents, teachers, and physical education coaches.  Obviously, I am too old for that now and I feel that it was an opportunity missed.  However, our children do not need to miss out. 

As a result, if you are watching the olympics with your children and you see them get excited about one of the winter sports featured at the olympics, I would encourage you to explore the NBCOlympics.com gold map page with them.  There you can see video and get information on a wide array of winter sports. Another sport that fascinates me is Alpine Skiing.  The speed with which they ski is phenomenal and fun to watch.  I can only imagine how much more exciting it is to do in person.  Thus, if your little one has an interest in that, encourage them to look in to it.  Who knows, one day you may be at an Olympic event cheering on your child in a winter sport.  Even better, you may be watching them stand on the medal podium as the National Anthem is played.  This would be a very proud moment for any parent and for any sport. 

My nephew would like to be a snowboarder and I have encouraged him to be his best at whatever he does.  I even suggested he look at the NBCOlympics.com/goldmap site with his parents’ permission.  He did and he was so excited at the materials they had listed there.  In fact, his parents were so impressed with his tenacity to follow up on it, that they are going to look in to getting him some coaching.  Personally, I feel that sports events and competitions are great for children in many regards. They develop, in my opinion, discipline and learn how to handle victory and defeat.  That makes them, as I see it, more prepared for the future challenges in life.  There will be many, but having that background will help them.  I didn’t want to get up every morning and go to practice when my friends were sleeping in late.  But that made me tough and made me develop a great work ethic that would translate into future success and happiness. So inspire your children’s winter sports dreams or fuel your own ambitions.  The NBC Olympics Goldmap resource might be exactly what you need to follow your bliss.  Even if you don’t become an Olympian, I feel it is important to at least try something you are interested in.  I feel you are a better person for putting yourself out there and trying something new.  Furthermore, how neat would it be to say to someone that because of the NBC Olympics gold map page you learned how to luge and competed in that competition. 

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