Www.Mylifetime.com/Mkallstars – Project Runway All Stars Backstage Beauty Sweepstakes

Www.Mylifetime.com/Mkallstars – Project Runway All Stars Backstage Beauty Sweepstakes

This is a great one to play if you enjoy watching Project Runway every week. Basically you will have to watch the show to get a code. You can then use the code to win some Mary Kay products. These are products that you can see on the show. You can win every week as 5000 of the products are being given away every week. You will have to fill out the form at the www.mylifetime.com/mkallstars site. You will have to enter your first name, your last name, your street address, your city, your state and your zip. In addition, you will also have to enter your email, your phone number, your date of birth, your gender and of course the special code.

Now the smart thing to do in this case is to tape the show. You will then be able to fast forward or rewind in order to get the code. I watch the show every week. I did not know about the Project Runway All Stars Backstage Beauty Sweepstakes until now. So when I watched, I was not looking for a code. I usually delete the shows that I have watched. I will have to go through my recordings to see if I saved the last one that I saw. I usually do not like to watch a show over again but I think I will need to if I want to find the code.

To figure out if you are eligible to enter, you can read the official rules at the www.mylifetime.com/mkallstars site. Basically you must be a legal resident. You must also be 18 years or older. And a really odd rule that you must have had access to Lifetime before the sweepstake started. The Project Runway All Stars Backstage Beauty Sweepstakes will end on January 16, 2014. There are 10 entry periods. Each entry period starts at a certain date and time and ends at a certain date and time. Each entry period lasts a week. It starts right after the show and ends one minute before the next period starts. Once an entry period is over, you cannot enter that period. So this means that you cannot go back and watch all the shows to get the codes. 

You can only fill out one entry per person. So it will be one entry per email address. Now that I know about this, I will definitely watch this week’s Project Runway All Stars show with a special eye out for the code. I wonder what the code will look like and I am not sure if I will know it even when I am looking right at it. I will try to get one of my friend’s to watch it too so that we can compare notes. Each entry period will have different prizes. They also have different values. For example, the prize for entry period 1 is $30. The prize for entry period 2 is $10. The third prize is $24.

There are more chances of winning one of these prizes because there are so many of them. 5000 prizes will be given away each week. And there are 10 weeks. So you may just get lucky and win. You can only win once for each period. You cannot substitute or transfer the prize. My suggestion is if you do not like what you get, you can also regift it. You can give it to your friends. The first prize for example is mascara and lash primer. If you do not wear mascara, you can give that away if you win it. Then you can hope that you will win one of the other prizes. The second  is lip gloss. The third is cream eye color and brush. The fourth is lipstick and lip primer. The fifth is mascara and lash primer again. The sixth is lip gloss. The seventh is cream eye color and brush. The eighth is lip gloss. The ninth is lip gloss. And the tenth is lipstick. In my opinion, you cannot have to many lip glosses or lipsticks. So I am okay with repeating prizes. It’s not like I am going to win every single one. So having a chance of winning one of them is good.

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