Www.MoshiMonsters.com/timecard – Moshi Monsters Game Time Card – Activate and Play

Www.MoshiMonsters.com/timecard – Moshi Monsters Game Time Card – Activate and Play

Start playing now.  All you need to do is activate your game time card or buy a Moshi time card.  You can even buy them for your friends because they make great gifts.   If you have your moshi monsters card nearby, you are one step closer to play time.  On www.moshimonsters.com/timecard you will need to enter your unique number.   You find that unique number on the back of the game time card.  However, you need to scratch off that section to reveal the code.  After you have entered your game time number into the specially labeled box, you press the activate button and you are good to go.

Moshi Monster memberships come in a variety of different terms.   For example, you can get a 3 day, a 1 month, or a 6 month membership pass to play.  So start your fun today.  In order to activate your code, you will be first instructed to log in.   Moshi monsters membership cards are available at a number of retailers.  You can purchase them at Gamestop, Walgreens, Toys R Us, Walmart, WHSmith, Zellers, Sears, Gamestation, and EBgames.  There is even a news section to learn the latest happenings in the world of the adorable monsters.  In fact, they call it “all the ooze that’s fit to print.” Also, you can explore the help section if you are experiencing difficulty.

After all, adopting a monster is supposed to be fun and not a challenge.  Moshi Monsters did have a problem with there Lady Goo Goo monster because Lady Gaga or her representatives objected.  When I heard about that I thought that was a funny parody.   Then again, I also heard she objected to a song parody by signer Weird Al.  As with any site, specific terms and conditions must be noted and followed.  In a separate area, you can learn about the Moshi Monsters privacy policy. Parents should always monitor their child’s internet usage.  Adopt a monster and have hours of fun with your game time card.

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