Www.Michigan.gov/UIA-Cwam – Michigan Unemployment Benefits – UIA Claims Online

Www.Michigan.gov/UIA-Cwam  – Michigan Unemployment Benefits – UIA Claims Online

Find out about the Michigan Unemployment Benefits website at www.michigan.gov/uia-cwam. If you have been recently unemployed in the state of Michigan, then this is the site you can go to to file your Unemployment Claims. This site is also known as MARVIN Online. In order to use the website, you will first have to register. In order to register you will have to enter your social security number. You will also enter your date of birth.
You will be able to file your unemployment claim online at the Michigan Unemployment Benefits or MARVIN online at www.michigan.gov/uia-cwam.  You can also find out about claiming unemployment benefits in Michigan. Also get more information ont eh Unemployment Insurance Agency. You will be able to print your year end tax papers if you got unemployment benefits in 2010. So if you live in the state of Michigan and you have lost your job, find out how you can claim unemployment here.
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