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You can take part in this case if you send in a claim form by July 2, 2016. The final appoval for this case took place on May 18, 2016. This case is against the magazine publisher Meredith Corporation. The reason for the lawsuit is that the publisher provided the information of the subscribers to third parties. This is actually in violation of Michigan privacy law. You can get benefits from this case if you live in Michigan and bought a subscription for one of the magazines published by Meredith Publication at any time from January 1, 2009 to March 28, 2014. To get a list of the magazines, you can go to the www.MeredithMagazineSettlement.com site.

The amount of the settlement fund is $7.5 million. You will get monetary benefits. In addition, the publisher has agreed not to provide any information on Michigan subscribers to any other third-party companies without obtaining the permission for the subscriber. This will be for a period of four years after the preliminary approval of this case.  You can read the Settlement Agreement if you want to find out more about this. You can get a copy of the settlement agreement online.

If you do submit a Meredith Magazine Subscriber Privacy Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form, the amount of money that you will get will depend on the number of people who submit a valid claim form. The more people who submit valid claim forms, the less you will get. It is estimated that you will get about $100. If you want to know how many valid claim forms there are, you can contact the class counsel. You will get the contact information for the class counsel at the www.MeredithMagazineSettlement.com site. You will only get your money after the final fairness hearing. This took place on May 11, 2016. You will be sent a check. You should cash this check as soon as possible because it expires 90 days after the check is issued.

The court appointed one law firm to be the class counsel. The law firm that has been selected is Edelson PC. There are three lawyers from this firm that you can contact. One of them is Jay Edelson. Another is Ari J. Scharg. And the final lawyer is Benjamin S. Thomassen. You can contact any of them if you have questions or if you have any concerns. So this means that you do not have to hire your own lawyer. If you do hire a lawyer though, you will have to be responsible for paying the expenses of your lawyer.

The lawyers have asked for a fee of about 35% of the settlement fund. This money will come out of the settlement fund. In addition, the class counsel will ask for a payment amount for the class representative. This amount is up to $10,000. The class representative will get more than the class counsel. This is because the class representative was the one who spent the time and energy to file the lawsuit in the first place.

If you do not want anything to do with the Meredith Magazine Subscriber Privacy Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, then you should have asked to be excluded. This should have been done in a letter. You should have submitted this by April 11, 2016. The information that you should have included should have been the name of the case which is Kinder v. Meredith Corp. and the case number which is 1:14-cv-11284-TLL-CEB. In addition, you should have included your name and also your address. Then you should have submitted the name of the publication that you subscribed to. You must also sign the letter. In addition, you should have added the date. In addition, you should have provided a sentence that says that you want to be excluded from this case. If you request to be excluded is approved, then you can sue the defendant if you want. You can also take part in other lawsuits if you wish.

The request to object should also have been submitted in the form of a letter. Just like the request for exclusion, the request to object must also contain certain necessary information. You will again have to provide the name of the lawsuit and the case number. In addition, you must have included your name, and the reasons for your objection. If you have hired your own attorney, then you should have provided the information on your attorney in the letter. In addition, if you have objected to other cases, you must provide this information. You must do the same for the lawyer that you hired. You will have to provide all the cases your lawyer has objected to. Since the lawsuit settlement has already been approved, your objection was not considered strong enough for the court to decide not to approve the case. If you need more information about the case, you can go to the settlement website. Or you can review the notice that you received in the mail.

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