Www.mdhs.state.ms.us/cse.html – Mississippi Child Support

Www.mdhs.state.ms.us/cse.html – Mississippi Child Support

If you need to apply, make payments, or learn about Mississippi Child Support services, then explore the www.mdhs.state.ms.us/cse.html site to find out more.  There you will find information on making MS child support payments and your options for collecting payments.  Also, you will find materials you need for making an application.  If you are trying to secure help from the state of Mississippi with obtaining financial support or medical support for your child, then turn to DCSE, the division of child support enforcement.  They have collected lots of money in terms of child support collections.  In fact, in the state fiscal year 2011, it appears over 300 million was collected.  Also, it appears that they were very successful in helping establish paternity as well. They even provide a toll free number on their site for the division. If you need the application, there is a PDF version available.  It appears this application is the first step.  You will need to provide basic information on this form like your name, your child or children’s name.  There are also sections on the Mississippi Child support form that ask about custodial parents and about non custodial parents. They even have an area that is for other biological parent information. 

Make sure you read over the material carefully, because you must honesty represent what you are saying and they will make you sign this form as well.  If you want to learn more about the services offered, make sure you spend some time reading over the different sections found on the www.mdhs.state.ms.us/cse.html page.  If you have a parent who is not paying their fair share for the child, then you might want to seek MS child support help. My neighbor has struggled with child support for years.  First, she had to determine who the father was.  She knew who he was, but had to make it official because it seems that he contested it.  Furthermore, he refused to pay for his child.  From what I understand, she had to get a judge order for him to assist in paying for both monetary support and for medical insurance.  For a while, from what I understand, that helped.  However, then he stopped paying she said.  Then, she said told me that he would prefer to go to jail instead of pay child support.  And who knows, that is what might happen to him.  For the child’s sake, I hope it gets resolved amiably.   

Other friends of mine with children that divorced have gone through this same process.  However, it seems, although they don’t like each other, they are dedicated to doing what is best for the children.  To me, that is what is most important.  Support your child the best way you can.  As I see it, it is not his or her fault.  Raising a child as a single parent is difficult and it could be even more difficult is you don’t have enough money to properly raise your kid. All the basic necessities are expensive. Thus, if you are a parent, do what is right and step up to the plate and pay your child support.  If you are needing help obtaining child support in Mississippi, then utilize the MDHS services to address that problem.  MDHS stands for Mississippi Department of Human Services. The area of MDHS you would want is DCSE.   

Another great feature about MDHS DCSE is the web based system that allows you to view and print records relating to billing and notice. This section can be accessed via the mdhs.state.ms.us/cse.html site.   If you are like me, you want to have online access to these important documents.  I worry when people send me things in the mail that I could lose them.  More importantly, even if I did have a hard copy, I never know where I have put them.  Thus, if I have an electronic resource to access them, I feel much more relaxed about the matter.  The Mississippi Department of Human Services provides such a web based system.  If you are wondering how do I apply for child support in MS, turn to the above noted government resource.  Also, you need to be stedfast in your determination to see it through. Remember, your child is counting on you to make sure the other parent contributes.  Yes, you could probably do it on your own.  However, I believe that if you could get the additional money from the other parent, your child could benefit even more.  In truth, you might be able to provide him with better food and better medical insurance conceivably.  This of course depends on your own unique situation.  However, I believe many people would agree that my assertion is true more times than not. Hopefully, your child’s other parent will step up to the plate and do what is asked without the problems that my neighbor encountered.  File your Mississippi child support application to get the process started. 

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