Www.mdes.ms.gov – Mississippi Unemployment – Get Benefits and File Claims

Www.mdes.ms.gov – Mississippi Unemployment – Get Benefits and File Claims

Get the benefits you deserve from MDES (Mississippi Department of Employment Security) online. In addition to filing weekly claims on mdes.ms.gov, you can also search for available jobs too.   There are also training and education resources available on the government site.  If you are searching for a job, you might want to consult their tips for job hunting section.  The Mississippi offices are not only there to make sure you get your benefits and to help you file claims, they are actually there to help you get another great job to provide for you and your family.  That is why MDES provides a resume tutorial, interviewing tips, and tips on dressing for success.  Sometimes we forget that there are so many things that go in to getting a job.  In fact, we may have been out of the workforce for such a long time that we have forgotten them.  For example, the one tip I found so useful is to remember to always have good breath.  So make sure you take that mint right before the job interview.  Other tips from the Division that deals with Mississippi Unemployment are equally important.  Another feature I found beneficial on the MS job seeker services site was that you could see industry data on wages.  That way you know what to expect in terms of salary when interviewing for a job.  However, before you land that next job, apply for unemployment benefits to get the money you need to get by for such important items as food.

The easiest way, in my opinion, to file a weekly claim in Mississippi is online.  However, if you do not have a computer to visit the official site www.mdes.ms.gov to make your claim, you can also do it by phone.  Remember to always file your weekly claims according to the sanctioned time table to be eligible.  According to MDES that means you must file after the week has officially end and before the next one officially starts. If you have questions or are confused about MS unemployment claims, don’t be.  Many resources are provided online to help you through the filing process.  The first thing you will want to do is to access the UI claimant hand book.  Many of your questions will be easily answered there and you can proceed with your claim.

If you are filing by phone, the Interactive telephone system called MITS will help you file for unemployment.  If using the online site, make sure you access it properly.  Don’t forget the MS abbreviation as www.mdes.gov will not take you to the correct page.  Use the correct one noted above.  While filing a MS unemployment claim, take a minute to explore Access Mississippi online section. It appears many great things are happening in the state and you can be a part of them.  Don’t get discouraged if you are still applying for Unemployment Insurance, as it is a very difficult economy.  Many people have been out of work for over a year.  Furthermore, many skilled professionals with lots of experience are competing for the same job.  Thus, the competition for new jobs can be very stiff.

On the MDES site, you can read about jobs that may be available at a major car manufacturer in the state.  You can even explore a recommended page called wings.mdes.ms.gov.   The Mississippi Wings or Worforce Investment Network Global Services is a great way to search for jobs in the state.  In addition to allowing you to search for jobs that are currently available, you can explore veteran services.  Even better yet, if you find a job on Wings, it appears you can apply for it online too.  You can even search via job title or key words.  Another job search option is to look for jobs by city or zip code.  If you do not have a login established, you will most likely want to set one up to use the WINGS job search resource. There is even a section there to help employers too.

Although you are required to show progress toward your job search while collecting unemployment, I would encourage you to set your own goal.  Yes, follow the rules and file your weekly claim on the www.mdes.ms.gov site to get your benefits, but raise the stakes even higher for your self.  Set a goal to apply for 10 jobs a week.  That might sound like a lot, but that is two applications a week day.   Now, ideally,  that is just a lofty goal.  However, if you fall short, you still may have submitted an application for 5 jobs.  Persistence is the key to finding another job.  Stay positive and be optimistic.  Also, when interviewing, don’t let people see your frustration and never talk negatively about a previous employer. Eventually, jobs will start to return and your opportunities will increase in the state of Mississippi as the recession ends.

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