Www.Macys.com/gcbal – Macy’s Gift Card Balance – Check It

Www.Macys.com/gcbal – Macy’s Gift Card Balance – Check It

Check your Macy’s gift card balance and shop online at www.macys.com/gcbal.  In addition to checking your gift card balance, be sure to check out your account if you have one.  Your Macys account access is available on the same page.  With this page you can check out your profile and your address information.   You can also examine your Macy’s Rewards and your wish list.  If you have ordered products from the department store, you can also check out their order status on the official Macy’s website.   There is a separate section for Macy’s home furnishings, as they probably have a different delivery team assigned to those items.

Macy’s giftcards make great gifts as the recipient can get almost anything on their wish list.  You can shop for endless items from the home section.  Maybe you are looking for towels or sheets or comforters.  You can also use your gift card to buy great clothing and accessories for men and women.  From shirts to dresses and from jeans to shoes, Macys will ensure you and your kids and your significant others are dressed to impress.  Macy’s department stores always have quality clothing at the best prices for the styles and designs too.   Shop online after checking your gift card balance on the official home page www.macys.com/gcbal to see how much you have to spend.  Maybe you have a lot left and you will feel like you can afford a shopping spree.

If you are looking for gift ideas, check out the beauty and fragrance department.  Perhaps, you have an old Macy’s gift card and want to use it to buy someone special in your life a christmas gift, get them some perfume or cologne.  Macy’s has the leading brands to make them smell wonderful.  You can usually sample a large selection to find the one that is right for you right in the store.  I know I feel wonderful when I am wearing new scent.

Other great gifts to examine are jewelry and watches.  With many places you don’t know what you are getting.  However, with Macy’s, you know you are getting the best.  Jewelry is a gift that will make people smile ear from ear.  It’s the perfect gift for a guy or a girl.  My favorite section on the www.macys.com/gcbal site is the sale section.  Who doesn’t love a great purchase at an even greater price.  You might be very surprised what you find.  Who knows, you might buy two instead of one when you get a great deal.

Also, if you have a wedding coming up, you might register with the wedding registry.  You can also look to see if friends are registered there.  Shopping for newlyweds is always a fun occasion.  There is also an easy to use customer service section on the website.  My experience with Macy’s customer service has always been a great experience.  In years past, I always took my Macy’s rewards card and receipt and got my boxes there.  Nothing says christmas like a Macy’s box.   You know something special is inside.

If you are still at a loss of what to buy.  Explore the holiday gift guide section on the www.macys.com site.  Here you can experience the magic.   In this area, you can learn about Macy’s “gifts from our stars”.     Kors, Kenneth Cole, Marth Stewart, Sean John, Donald Trump, Material Girl, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Kein, Greg Norman, and many more.  You can even vote on the top 10 gifts this year. Currently, the most popular voted gift is the Coach Poppy Metallic tote.   Many of the other top ten items are beautiful and remarkably affordable.  You will feel good giving these Macy gifts and also receiving them too.  Check your Macy’s gift card balance online and then go shopping.

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