Www.LupusCheck.com – Lupus Symptoms Checklist: This May Help

Www.LupusCheck.com – Lupus Symptoms Checklist: This May Help

You can download a lupus checklist on www.LupusCheck.com to better communicate with your doctor.  Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease that can be very debilitating and can impact many parts of the body in deleterious ways.  If you are seeing a rheumatologist for treatment, the checklist referenced above is, in my opinion, a great way to do a lupus check on paper before discussing with your doctor.  It appears that some lupus suffers will not share all symptoms with their doctors and that could potentially mask what is really going on with them.  From what I understand, some may, for example, minimize their expression of how much pain they might be in or even how depressed they might be over their condition.  I completely understand this circumstance, especially if you have people depending on you.  They might look to you for providing nurturing, care, or financial support.  As a result, you might not want to worry them with your issues, so you decide to conceal them as I have done many times when faced with a serious illness.  As I have learned over the years, it is important to disclose everything to your doctor so that he or she may get a complete picture.  

For example, I remember one time I neglected to tell my doctor about morning stiffness because I just assumed that was a part of aging.  What I would later learn is that this condition would be a symptom of what I would later be diagnosed with.  Now, because of that experience, I tell everyone to be upfront and complete in their communications with their doctors.  This is especially important for those with Lupus.  Explore the resources on the www.lupuscheck.com site for yourself if you or a loved one is experiencing this disease.  I feel that there should be checklist of symptoms for all diseases.  I really like the fact that people can review lupus symptoms and indicate on a document if it is impacting them or not.  I would also like to have a Lupus treatments page as well in my doctor’s office lobby.  Perhaps, a wall with all kinds of diseases and a listing of their possible treatments articulated on each would be great.  I truly feel that would increase communication between the patient and the doctor. 

Another thing that I learned as to why conducting a Lupus check is important is the fact that lupus erythematosus can impact so many parts of the body including organs.  Having a friend with lupus, I know this all too well.  Unfortunately, I did not realize the magnitude of it until I learned that at one point she had been hospitalized and that she was really ill.  That was a wake up call for me and for her as well.  I felt so sorry for her because I remember her looking all puffy and swollen.  She did not look like my long time friend I knew so well.  I can imagine that she felt that she didn’t have to say much about her condition because people could see the effects on her immediately.  However, I have learned that you should share everything with your doctor. The lupus check list is not that long, but it does help you record your thoughts in advance of your doctor’s appointment.

If you are like me, the doctors’ offices makes me nervous.   I never want to go and I always worry when I am there.  As a result, I don’t feel I fully communicate everything I am there for. When the nurse or the doctor does their patient history review, I must admit that I sometimes gloss over things.  In fact, I know that I am sometimes embarrassed or ashamed to admit things that pertain to my overall health.   I know that is not in my best interest, but my mindset is to get out of there as fast as possible.  Like I said, I have learned that this approach is not the most prudent.  I also feel if you have Lupus, that approach is definitely not a good idea.  Share all of the symptoms you are encountering, even if you don’t think they are related to your autoimmune diseases.  More importantly, I would encourage you to examine the LupusCheck.com page to learn more. Be sure to use this checklist as intended.  From what I have read, this resource is not to be used to answer the question – Do I have lupus?  In my opinion, only a doctor should make a diagnosis.  If you are experiencing symptoms of an autoimmune disease, I would encourage you to make an appointment with your physician.  I hated to see my friend suffer with lupus, but I feel she got great medical care and that improved her condition.  Performing a lupus check on yourself and recording it before seeing your doctor may facilitate better communication with him or her.  I especially like to write down questions before my appointment and take them with me to ensure they are all answered. 

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