Www.LifeLock.com/Holidays – Identity Theft Protection

Www.LifeLock.com/Holidays – Identity Theft Protection

You can get LifeLock protection for you and your family by signing up on www.LifeLock.com/Holidays. People are always hearing nightmare stories about having their identity stolen and then used for nefarious purposes.  I can’t imagine having to go through the process of recovering from that scenario.  Luckily I haven’t had to because I have LifeLock and they have already stopped one attempt on the theft of my identity.  As a customer, I can’t say enough great things about this company.  I must admit, I originally didn’t buy LifeLock for myself.  Instead, I got it has a gift for the holidays from my other half.  At first I was indifferent about it.  I truly just thought it was throwing money away, but I was so wrong. Now, I view it as the best holiday gift I ever got and it worked so well.  One day while checking my email on line, I received an email from LifeLock saying that there was an alert on my account.  Lifelock truly did what they said they were going to do and when they they found activity in my name, they inquired with me to ascertain if it was me.  It was not.   In other words, someone was trying to open an account in my name. 

At first, I thought that my wife had opened an account that I was unaware of.  We share all of our accounts, so I thought nothing off it.  However, when I learned that she did not I was blown away.  I could not believe that someone was trying to rip off my identity and open up a credit card in my name.  That was a frightening and scary thought to me.  But if I didn’t have Lifelock, I believe I would not have known about it.  That is when I truly realized how great a service Life Lock provides to their customers.  Hence, I am telling everyone to explore their services for themselves on the www.lifelock.com/holidays site if they don’t already possess it.  If I didn’t have LifeLock, someone could have potentially gotten the card in my name and used it until it was totally maxed out and I would have been stuck with the bill.  In difficult economic times, identity theft would have been a disaster for me.  

Another thing that I found disturbing was the potential stress of having to deal with the matter on my own.  LifeLock was there to support me.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about them and I am a firm believer in them.  You should explore the LifeLock.com Holidays page to see all of their services and to fully better understand what they are offering.  I really enjoyed reading about the processes they used to preserve my identity and my credit as detailed on their site.  More importantly, the price is a good value in my opinion.  In fact, after alerting me to what someone was trying to do, I soon realized that it was an incredible value to me.  Knowing what I know now, I think I’m going to buy Lifelock for all my family members that don’t already have it. 

You never believe that identity theft will or can happen to you.  You believe that this is something that happens to people who aren’t careful with their private information.  That is the farthest from the truth.  I am very careful and still someone was able to get ahold of my personal info and tried to use it.  But they didn’t get away with because I had LifeLock.  In fact, they believe so strongly in their service, that they offer an incredible guarantee of service.  I must be honest, learning that someone tried to take advantage of me and my credit was an unsettling feeling.  You constantly ask yourself why would someone do something like that.  Although you may never know why someone will steal a person’s identity, the reality remains that there are individuals in this world who will do it.  I even saw a television show that chronicled how stolen identities were even sold in bundles by brokers.  You never know if you are going to be a victim, but you can be proactive in your actions.  Simply put, you can access the lifelock.com/holidays page and look into the type of protection I acquired for myself.  After receiving the fraud alert from Lifelock, I slept really well knowing someone was looking after me.  With increased instances of identify theft on the rise, I would encourage you to get some form of protection to look out for your best interests.  This is extremely important if you have good credit and you are worried about someone ruining it. 

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