Www.LGPhoneSettlement.com – LG G2X Cell Phone Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.LGPhoneSettlement.com – LG G2X Cell Phone Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This case is known as the Horvath v. LG Electronics Mobile Comm U.S.A., Inc. The reason is because apparently there is a defect in the mobile phones. This defect can cause it to shutdown or power off at random times. This defect can also make the phone freeze many times. In addition this defect can cause it to cause a screen bleed. This means that it will leak backlight. The company denies all this. If you are a class member, you will get $19. You must be a US resident to get this. You must also have bought the LG G2X phone at any time from April 15, 2011 to October 30, 2013. However in order for you to get the money the settlement must be approved. You will be able to make multiple claims if your phone was defective and was replaced multiple times. You will have until February 24, 2014 in order to get the clam form in. You can file online at the www.LGPhoneSettlement.com site. This is the easiest way to do this.

The only company that is included and is providing the money is LG. T-Mobile is not a part of this case. If you are eligible, you will have received a notice in the mail. The notice will explain all that you need to know about this case. Sometimes you just get a postcard with some information. If you just got a postcard, you can go to the www.LGPhoneSettlement.com site to get more information. The best place to look for that information is of course the FAQ. I would suggest that you start there. The case number for the LG G2X Cell Phone Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is 3:11-cv-01576-H-RBB. There are four plaintiffs or class representatives who originally sued the company. One of them is Terry Horvath. Another is Jeremy Forsythe. A third class representative is Ronald Johnson. The fourth class representative is Fred Montgomery. All of these people will be paid more than the regular class member. In fact. each of the class representatives will get $2500. This is if the court approves it of course. The final approval will take place during the final or fairness hearing. The fairness hearing for this case was on January 13, 2014. This was in San Diego, California. If you did not attend the hearing, that is fine. You did not have to. You will still get the payment.

You must make sure that you read the instructions when you are filling out the claim form. You must include all the information that is required of you. You can call a toll free number which is provided at the website if you need instructions. You must remember to sign the form. Otherwise it will not be considered valid. You will get your payment after the Final Hearing. How long after depends on a number of things. One of them is whether there were any objections. Another is if there were any appeals. All the appeals must be cleared before any payments can be made to you.

If you think that $19 per defective phone is not worth your time to pursue, then you can definitely exclude yourself from this case. So if there is another case against the company for the same reason, you will be able to take part. You will have to follow some directions in order to do this. This is important because if you missed any one of the items that needs to be included, your request will not be considered valid and hence you will end up being a class member. If you did not submit a claim form, then you will end up with nothing. So make sure that you are careful. And whatever you do, you should not miss the deadline to do this.

The class counsel who will be representing you in this case is Doyle Lowther LLP. They will answer all legal questions on your behalf. If you have questions yourself, you can also get their help. They will be paid from the settlement fund. They will get quite a lot of money. This is because they will be representing millions of people including you. Most of these people will not call them or ask them for help. But some might.

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