Www.KygrsClassAction.com – Windstream Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.KygrsClassAction.com – Windstream Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is the Bowers et al. v. Windstream Kentucky East, LLC, et al. You are included in the case as a class member if you are a customer of either the Windstream Kentucky East or West. Basically you should have been a surcharge. The surcharge in question is the Kentucky Gross Receipts. You should have gotten this between June 1, 2007 to May 29 2012. This means that you should have received the surcharge at any time within this period. The case number is 3:09-CV-440. You will be able to get important information at the www.kygrsclassaction.com site. One of the important information is the dates. Everything is dictated by deadlines, so you should pay special attention to the dates.

The allegation here is that the two telephone service providers violated federal and state laws. They did this by getting the surcharge without having it in the tariffs. Judge John G. Heyburn preliminarily approved the Windstream Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. This happened on June 14, 2013. This case has been a long one. The litigation has been going on for 4 years. There was extensive discovery. In addition there were also a lot of motions. So it is good that it has finally reached this point. You will be able to get information on what you will get if you decide to take part in the Windstream Class Action Lawsuit Settlement which can be located at the www.kygrsclassaction.com site.

You will get a check or credit. This depends on whether you are still a customer or whether you were a previous customer. What you will get depends on the type of customer you are or were. The types here refer to residential, business or carrier. If you are or were a residential customer, you will get $10. If you are or were a business customer, you will get $25. If you are or were a carrier customer, you will get $1000. In addition, if you are a customer right now and you are not a telecommunications carrier, then you will get a free service for one year. That free service is the inside wire maintenance. This free service is actually $5 per month. This is for each customer account.

The company will be responsible to pay for all the costs. These costs include the cost of sending out the notice to all the class members. This cost also include fees for administration. These costs are fees are not taken out of the Windstream Class Action Lawsuit Settlement amount. So you will not have to worry that you will get less because of this. You will only get your payment 30 days after the case has been approval by the Court. You will only get your payment 30 days after the approval. This is contingent on the fact that there are no appeals. In the case that there are appeals, you will have to wait even longer. This is because only after the appeals have been dealt with properly will you get any payment. If the case is not approved, you will not get anything of course.

If you feel strongly that the case may not be approved, you should exclude yourself. The reason for doing this is that you will be able to bring your own lawsuit against the company whether it is approved or not. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to exclude yourself if the case is approved. What is important is that you keep to the deadlines. If you miss the deadline, then it will not matter because you will not be excluded. In fact it will mean that you stay as a class member. This will mean you will lose your right to sue. You will regret this as this an important legal action that you can take depending on what you want to do.

The lawyers who can help you is the Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC law firm. They will represent everyone who is eligible to take part. They will be paid by the defendant. If you have been waiting to take legal action, then it is too late. This is because all the deadlines have passed. This includes the deadline to exclude yourself and the deadline to object to the settlement. Even the final approval is over.

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