Www.jfs.ohio.gov/ocs – Ohio Child Support Online – Case Info, Payments, and Services

Www.jfs.ohio.gov/ocs – Ohio Child Support Online – Case Info, Payments, and Services

The official Ohio child support agency, known as the Department of Job and Family Services can help you provide for your child.  On jfs.ohio.gov/ocs, you can access child support customer service.  Are you worried about how you are going to pay for your children?  There are programs and services in place that can help you with this need.  In fact, they can help you with many of the difficult issues that surround obtaining support for your children.  For example, you will want to establish paternity.  After all , not knowing who the father is or having it documented can be a hurdle you will have to clear if you want to receive payments from the father.  Other things you may need to achieve includes establishing a support order.  If you don’t know how to do this, the Ohio Child Support division dedicated to this need, can help you with important information.  This specific entity is known as the Child Support Enforcement Agency and if you are not already receiving support, the CSEA is there to help in your quest to get an order for a payment.

You are probably wondering how much money or benefits you can get from child support. As noted on the official Ohio site www.jfs.ohio.gov/ocs, the payment amount is determined by Ohio Child Support Guidelines.  To make this determination, the incomes of both will be looked at to make this assessment.  It appears that they will go about six months back in the past.  Sometimes the two involved in the child case are not living in the same state.  As a result, one might be in Ohio and another in a different state altogether.  That means that your case becomes an intergovernmental one.  You can also seek medical support for your children if applicable.

Child Support Payment Central is often times referred to as CSPC in the state of Ohio.  This was created by the ODJFS and that stands for Ohio Department of Job & Family Services / the Office of Child Support.  The different resources help you learn how to make a payment and it clearly explains the ways in which you can get your child support payments.  The dispersement methods are multiple.  One of the best ways to get your money in my opinion is with direct deposit.  That seems like an easy option.  Another great option for receiving child support payments is via an Ohio e-QuikPay Debit Mastercard.  This would be a great option because you can easily learn your balance and other information on transactions simply by calling their toll free number.  If you are worried about having your card wearing out, they have a program to replace your card with a brand new one. You can also access the online site via www.jfs.ohio.gov and look for the child support feature.  That is a great resource because you will feel good knowing that your Ohio Child Support Payments are going to be interrupted.  With a hungry mouth depending on you, knowing their is money on your card is reassuring.

If you have questions about your case information, or making payments, or just Ohio child support services in general, they have many answers to popular questions listed.  One essential thing that you should read about is the payment status materials found on the www.jfs.ohio.gov/ocs page.  Whether you are living in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Athens, Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Newark, or any points in between, Ohio Child Support services are available online to help you with your support needs.  If you are sending in a payment by mail.  The service asks that you include pertinent and specific information at the time you remit it.  Obviously, it is important to include your name. In addition, you will want to include your SETS case number.  This is a number that is ten digits long.  Furthermore, you will also want to put a court order on it.  It is also essential that you specify how much funds are to be applied to each case if you have more than one active case.

Other options for making child support payments include paying them by a credit card.  If you want, you can also make Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) Walk in Payments.  If you don’t like these options, you can also pay via a checking or savings account. If you are the one responsible for making payments, please make them on time and in the right amount.  There is a little mouth depending on you.  You will also feel good knowing that you are providing for your child.  Please note that jfs.ohio.com is not the official government website; you need to access the one that uses the government extension.  Raising a child is an expensive process, make sure you utilize Ohio Child Support Services OCS if you need them to provide for your youngster.

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