Www.IntellicorpClassAction.com – Intellicorp Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.IntellicorpClassAction.com – Intellicorp Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Intellicorp has been sued by a number of people. The reason for this is that the company has violated a federal law. They violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. They did this by proving criminal background report. This was sent to the employers and this report contained inaccurate information. They also did not tell the people concerned that their criminal history was being reported to an employer. Of course the company has denied all allegations. So you can take part in the case if the company sent to your employer or your potential employer your credit report that had the Criminal SuperSearch result which mentioned the criminal history. This should have occurred between April 16, 2010 to September 16, 2013.  You can get details of what you can do at the www.IntellicorpClassAction.com site.

The amount of the funds that is available for payment to all those who are eligible is $18.6 million. So there are two types of payments. The first one is for all those whose records had criminal or traffic arrests or convictions. These are the people who dod not get the notification. This group of people will get $50. The second type of payment is to all those who think that the reports were not accurate. You will have to submit a claim form in order to get $2000. Of course the final amount that you end up getting will depend on how many people filed the claim form. There is a possibility that you will get less than this if there are too many people who filed. If you wish to file, you can go to the www.IntellicorpClassAction.com site. My suggestion is to download the form so that you know what information you need in order to file. You can of course file online.

When you file, there is a section you will need to fill out that explains your damages. You will have to provide the name of your employer or your prospective employer. You will need to report why your background check was not accurate. You will also need to provide information on what happened due to the incorrect information provided.  You will then need to sign the form. You will also need to print your name. You must sent it in by April 21, 2014.

You have to be very careful when you file because there is also a form called the Inaccuracy Fund Exclusion Form. If you fill out this form, then you will not get the $2000. In fact if you file this, you will be excluded from the case. So be very careful. In fact, there is a red Stop sign at the very top of this form to let you know what is. It tells you that you should only fill out this form if you want to file your own lawsuit against the company. You are also notified that if you file this form, then you will have to find your own lawyer. You will not be able to use the class counsel in order to file your own lawsuit. If this is what you want to do, then you can proceed. The deadline for you to do this is April 21, 2014. The name of the case is Roe, et al. v. Intellicorp Records, Inc., et al. If you want to file online, you will need your pre-assigned unique ID. You will be able to get this from Notice and Claim form that you got in the mail. If you did not get one, you will not be able to file online. Your only option will be to mail it in. The instructions on what to include are provided at the official site.

At the website, you will also be able to get the criminal history information that was given out. This went to either your employer or your potential employer. You can also ask for a copy of your criminal history information for right now. Both these copies are free of charge so you will not have to pay anything. You will have to enter your first name, your last name, your DOB and your unique ID in order to get them. The previous records will be there on the website for you to look at from January 11, 2014 to April 21, 2014. The present records will be available after June 1, 2014.

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