Www.Intelius-Post-Transaction-Settlement.com – Intelius Post-Transaction Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.Intelius-Post-Transaction-Settlement.com – Intelius Post-Transaction Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The amount for this case is $10.5 million. This is a case of being enrolled without permission. Apparently Intelius automatically enrolled people who bought their products  in these membership programs without their knowledge or their permission. With membership came a monthly fee. Again the people who were enrolled without their knowledge and permission were not aware of this additional monthly charge. This is a violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act. It is also a breach of contract. The company is accused of conducting post-transaction marketing. So if this happened to you, you will be able to get compensation. The time period that this must have happened is between July 2007 to August 12, 2013. You can get detailed information on how you can participate at the www.Intelius-Post-Transaction-Settlement.com site. You will need to submit a claim form. When you do this, you will then get vouchers and/or cash. You must send this in by November 11, 2013 in order to get the money or vouchers.You will get $225 in cash. And you will get $75 in vouchers. If you are able to submit some kind of proof that this was charged to your credit card or debit card, then you will get up to three times what you were charged on your debit card or your credit card. You will also get vouchers in the same amount that you were charged for these services. However, this amount may be less if there are a lot of people who file valid claims.

This is rather a substantial amount to get. However if you feel that this is not enough or that you would rather bring your own lawsuit against the company, then you will need to exclude yourself. Doing nothing will not remove you from the class if you are eligible to get the compensation. So make sure that you send in your request to be excluded by October 11, 2013. In addition to this option, you can also comment or object. However if you want to comment or object, you cannot exclude yourself. You comment or objection has to be sent in by a certain time period in order for the court to accept it as valid. That time period is at least 30 days before the Final Fairness Hearing. Doing nothing in this case means that you stay in the Intelius Post-Transaction Class Action Lawsuit Settlement but do not get any benefits. So make sure you weigh your options carefully. You can go to the www.Intelius-Post-Transaction-Settlement.com site to get more detailed information so that you can make the right decision.

The court has appointed Keller Rohrback LLP to help you with legal issues. Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC have also been appointed for this purpose. You do not have to pay these lawyers because they will be paid out of the settlement fund. The amount of the settlement fund consist of $9.5 million that is cash and $1 million is vouchers. If you do submit the claim form, you will not get payment until the Final Approval Order is completed. This means that it has to be signed. The payments will then will be given out within 90 days. So if you need the money quickly, unfortunately you will not get it quick. You will have to be patient and wait for it.It will most probably come to you in the mail in the form of a check for the cash portion.

If you are confused about your options or what would be the right decision to make, you should contact the settlement administrator. You will be able to get this information on the site. There is a phone number you can call. You can also send an email. You should not contact the court as that will not get you the answers that you need. If you are not sure, even after contacting the settlement administrator or getting legal advice from class counsel, I would suggest that you submit the claim form. At least if you qualify, you will be able to get some money and/or vouchers. Some people wait too long and miss the deadline. This has happened to me. So I would suggest that you submit as soon as possible so that you do not forget and miss out.

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